06 November 2010

Some pictures from our gameday 6/11

Jesus, totally exhausted after today’s gameday. Which pretty much was all about playing Battlestar Galactica with 3 other friends while 4 other members of the club continued their Mordheim campaign.

Once again I picked and became Admiral William Adama - just something reassuring about that character in the series and pretty much the only character that didn't annoy me even once throughout the show. We also included Sharon "Boomer" Valeri, Laura Roslin (our President) and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.

This was our 2nd time playing this game, and if we had a blast last time we topped it with this session by miles. First half of the game was rather odd, trying to figure out who the hell was Cylon was impossible, we kept passing most of the bidding, the accusations were sporadic and in the end I think we all realized that no one had received the “You ARE a Cylon” card at the beginning of the game. Felt quite good. Then the Sleeper Agent phase kicked in and tensions rose, we had all resources on Blue which would mean losing one member to the Cylon team. However playing as the Admiral I picked a destination card which lowered one of our resources down to Red preventing that from happening as the new Loyalty Cards were dealt to all players after the jump.

I had a hard time keeping a straight face, and became a little disappointed in actually becoming a Cylon when I looked at my Loyalty card. What followed was an extremely tense second half with extreme amounts of confusion and overall paranoia. I played it cool, actually only sabotaged a little 3 during 3 biddings. I did a stupid miscalculation that almost revealed me once and then again when it was just me and the President Player bidding. What happened was that we failed and there were 3 cards that didn’t match the bidding colors. Meaning one of us must have sabotaged the bidding on purpose. The President player got all excited and started pointing fingers, yelling that I was a Cylon, I kept trying not to burst into laughter and just kept saying that HE was the one screwing us over trying to frame me.

On top of that we had the character of Sharon “Boomer” Valeri which had 3 loyalty cards in her hand, making her a perfect target for the other players suspicions – and actually that player kind of played in a weird way which might have thrown off the other 2 non Cylon players a couple of times. In the end Kara “Starbuck” Thrace character was convinced the President was the Cylon and people started ending up in the brig! HAHA! It was just as lovely as it was absurd, I had but lay low and soon reveal myself as more players ended up in the Brig being unable to get out, and resources start to get critical. IN the end I was thrown in the brig however and didn’t manage to get out. I still played innocent and even helped out with “Investigating Committee” at one point to check what everyone was bidding to prove my false innocence.

The humans actually managed to survive this game in the end, it was a damn close call and I would have screwed them over badly if I could get out and turn Cylon at that final stage. Totally awesome session, even got to use nukes and blow shit up (well not shit but a Basestar) before I ended up being a Cylon for the first time as well!

This was followed by lunch, after which I did a very short demo of Strange Aeons, showed off the rulebooks and talked a little about the game. I think the interest of at least 2 other members of the club was picked, which is always great fun when you have more than 1-2 people playing a “new miniature game”. We might hook another buddy of mine who was down at the club today as well – would make 4 Strange Aeons players. I had built a Treshold Agent list of 15 Build Points and we rolled a Artifact hunt scenario in which the agents faced 3 Zombies and 3 Hybrids. Positive response on the simplicity but at the same high fun factor of the rules, similarities to Legends of the Old West regarding leveling up your gang, acquiring new items/skills, the D66 injury table, small scale table and how fast the game plays. Refreshing to have a miniature game that does not take up your entire living room when you want to play it, doesn’t require a ton of terrain and 100 miniatures and that can be played in 30-40 minutes. I will do a proper rundown and review of the rules this week so keep an eye out for that.

Day ended with a 2nd game of Battlestar Galactica – well it was 3 to 1 on playing another game and even though it was my game and I wanted to play other thing I didn’t want to be a party pooper. Second game, I ended up being the admiral again (my 3rd time – though I enjoy that position) this time picking Karl “Helo” Agathon, we had Tom Zarek as the President, Sharon “Boomer” Valeri again and chief Gaelen Tyrell. I actually wanted to play as Gaius Baltar this time around but the political leader position had already been picked when I had to pick a character.

Much shorter game, we got off to a tremendous start, making a 3 jump, followed by a 2 in a very short time. Not encountering a single Cylon attack fleet during this game by drawing a card. We even got one step closer to our destination by drawing one Crisis card that counted as 1 Destination card as well. The Cylon player had not even had the chance to sabotage anything up to this point and we had lots of resources left, except food which was on Red – preventing any Cylon sympathizers. Cylon Player – chief Tyrell this time around, revealed himself and started playing from the Cylon locations but we had such a head start on him by this time in distance travelled that when it was my turn to jump again I picked two “Travel Distance 2” Destination cards making us reach the desired travel distance of 8 and extremely close to victory. By accident we spawned a Cylon fleet in front of Galactica but it was taken care of without incident, we also bypassed even the strongest Cylon card by a collective bidding. And we decided to make a forced Jump even though it would risk (and in the end killed 3 population) but achieving a solid victory.

I had a great time, just hope I can play some miniature games next gameday.

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