12 November 2010

Strange Aeons - Battle with the Formless Thing

As promised here’s the battle report which will hopefully give you an idea of how the game flows, I will describe most of the action in detail so you get the hang of how the different type of rules work.

First of all the Treshold Agent party “army list” if you would like to call it that looks like this:

Character: Professor Henry Armitage
Skills: Command, (upgraded with Inspire as well)
Weapons: Standard weapon kit of Bowie Knife and .45 Handgun

Additional equipment. Light Armored vest providing extra constitution but lowering movement speed.
Lucky hat, allowing 1 die roll per game to be increased/decreased by 1 notch.

Agent: Jenkins

Standard weapon kit of Bowie Knife and .45 Handgun as well as a Double Barreled Shotgun

3x Civilians, 2 with Bowie Knife, 1 with Club.

The mission generated was “Monster Attack” in which 1 powerful monster faces the Treshold Agents alone. Often this results in a desperate battle on life and death more than usual. As this was the first scenario in what could be a potential campaign the starting Build Points for both sides is 15, the only monster mighty enough within those points is the Formless Thing. Thus this mission is about defeating his monster.


Arriving by boat late in the afternoon the village was completely deserted, no lights in any window, no people wandering the streets, no one to greet us at the dock. Agent Jenkins loaded his double barreled shotgun, I drew my trusty .45 and glanced at the fishermen who had volunteered to accompany us, Roberts, Haag and Philips. They were equipped with knifes and clubs, I doubted those kind of weapons would do us any good but kept my mouth shut as it was too late to do anything about it now anyway. We are ready to head into the village, I will leave my journel here at the boat should we not return.

 / Professor Henry Armitage of the Miskatonic University in Arkham, November 2 – 1920.

Turn 1 Treshold: Armitage activates and nominates Agent Jenkins and one of the civilians, Philips armed with the club. All 3 men advance towards the town center.
Turn 1 Lurker: The Formless Thing moves out from behind some crates and likewise heads for the town center.

Turn 2 Treshold: In order to outnumber the beast, another civilian left behind activates and moves with all haste towards his comrades.
Turn 2 Lurker: The Formless Thing uses 1 action to move a bit closer, and the second action to launch his tentacle attack against Agent Jenkins. The attack has a range of 8” and barely reaches the man but manages to get hold of him and drag him into Close Combat. Jenkins passes his resolve test for being in base contact with a “hideous” model.  Jenkins rolls 2 attack dice and the Formless Thing rolls 3 attack dice. Jenkins rolls 5 and 6. Formless thing 1.1.6. Both models have a Close Combat Bonus of +1. The combat ends as a draw and nothing happens. No critical hits or misses are inclicted.

Turn 3 Treshold: Things start to get out of hand fast! Armitage activates and uses his command skill to nominate Agent Jenkins and Philips with the club. Armitage uses 1 action to move closer and get a clear shot, and his second action to fire at the monster but fails to hit.

Jenkins fends of the tentacles and fires his double barreled shotgun twice but fails to hit the monster in all the commotion.

Philips moves closer.

Turn 3 Lurker: The Formless Thing Attacks Jenkins again rolling 6.5.4 against Jenkins 1.2. Thus winning the combat by 4! Furthermore Jenkins bad luck doesn’t end there, he also manages to roll a Critical Miss allowing the opponent to add +1 to his highest attack dice result. The Formless Thing rolls a Critical Hit which will add +2 to Wound.
The result of this battle is that the Formless Thing changes his highest score (6) to 7. Winning the combat by a difference of 5 (7- 2=5). As such 5 damage dice are rolled and the highest is used to inflict a wound.  The monster attack profile is 1D6+3 (+2 for the Critical hit).

Monster rolls, picks the highest and adds the weapon and critical hit modifier 6+3+2=11
The force of the blow by far outnumbers the target models constitution of 6, and the target model must now add the difference to his damage chart. Agent Jenkins rolls 2D6 result of 6 and adds 5 making his result a “Major Injury” and he is removed from battle altogether as a casualty.
All friendly models within 5” must now take a Resolve check. Professor Armitage  has a resolve of 3+ which he can share with friendly models within 10” due to his “Inspire” skill. Both he and Philips pass their resolve check

The Lurker has 1 action left so it charges Philips who’s standing nearby, Philips must pass a resolve test again for being in base contact with a “hideous” model.  A round of close combat follows. Philips who is a civilian only has 1 attack dice and rolls the result of 4. The monster rolls 1.5.6 (1 critical hit and 1 critical miss is scored). The blow is again strong, passing the targets constitution by 5. Philips rolls 2D6 on the Injury chart and adds 5 to the result. He too receives a Major Injury and is removed from the board.

Armitage must once again pass a resolve test for seeing yet another man being beaten senseless. He does pass his test.

Turn 4 Treshold: Realizing that he is in over his head Armitage makes a “tactical retreat” – meaning he runs for  his life back towards the remaining 2 men, spending both actions to move as far away from the monster as possible
Turn 4 Lurker: The Lurker follows him.

Turn 5 Treshold: Armitage is again within command radious of the remaining 2 models and activates himself and nominates the two civilians as well.

Armitage swings around and fires his .45 twice at the persuing monster, scoring 1 hit. He rolls 1D6 to wound. His weapon profile is 1D6+2, the monster has a Constituion of 8 so he must roll a 6 to injure it. He rolls a 5….. He quickly uses his “Lucky Hat” to tweak the result by increasing it by 1 to a 6, resulting in a wound on the Formless Thing. “Only” 3 more wounds to go.

Roberts and Haag, both armed with knives realize that their 1D6+1 weapons will do little good, in fact they can only hope to injure the monster if they score a successful critical hit. They position themselves near Armitage.

Turn 5 Lurker: Formless Thing charges Armitage, ending in base contact with both the civilian and Professor Armitage. Both Armitage and Haag fail their resolve. Armitage rolls 5 on the Insanity table sending him into Frency which doubles his close combat attacks for the duration of this turn. The exact same thing happens to Haag!

Professor Armitage, now with 6 attacks receives 1 addition attack for having 1 friendly model in base contact with the enemy as well. He rolls 7 attack dice. Formless Thing rolls 3. Both models roll several 1’s and 6’s but neither of them become critical and the fight ends a Draw.

Turn 6 Treshold: Armitage opens fire twice with his .45, scores 2 hits and 1 wound. Monster is down to 2 wounds at this point. Being so overwhelmed by the situation Armitage completely forgets to nominate his remaining 2 friendly models though.

Turn 6 Lurker: Monster attacks Armitage , first attack becomes a draw. It attacks again, this time though Armitage gets the upper hand as the Lurker rolls 1 Critical Miss. Armitage however fails to penetrate the thick hide of the Formless Thing. The fight continues…

Turn 7 Treshold:  Armitage activates himself and his two civilian helpers.
Roberts charges the beast but fails his resolve test as he reaches base contact. Luckily for him he becomes frenzied by rolling on the insanity table. He receives +1 attack for being frenzied, and +2 attacks for having 2 friendly models in base contact with the target model.
Roberts rolls 4 attack dice, Formless thing rolls 3. Combat becomes a draw.

Armitage fires twice,  but hits only with one shot. However this becomes a critical hit and adds +2 to the damage roll  and reduces the monster to 1 single wound!

Haag  adds +2 attacks because of friendly models in CC,  this does not help him. The monster beats him over the head with a tentacle, passing his constitution score by 1 on the damage roll. Haag rolls 2D6 result of 10+1 on the Injury table and he too receives a “Major Injury” and is removed from the table.

Watching the his buddy go down violently Roberts fails his resolve and becomes Catatonic, placed faced down!!

Armitage passes his resolve.

Turn 7 Lurker: The Formless Thing hits the Catatonic Roberts and kills him, Armitage once again passes his resolve even as the shit hits the fan and he now has to face this abomination alone.

The monster then uses its second action to hit Armitage. The monster wins the combat by 1, and the tentacle also bypasses the Light Armored vest Armitage is wearing, inflicting 1 wound on the man.

Turn 8 Treshold: Armitage figures he can increase his chances of killing the monster with his knife as he receives more close combat attacks per action than he can fire his gun. In one last desperate act he attacks the monster with cold steel. The first attack results in a Draw.
Armitage attacks again. This time the Formless Thing rolls 1.1.3 while Armitage rolls 6.6.3.
While the Formless Thing doesn’t roll any critical miss Armitage manages to roll 1 critical hit! And not only that but he wins the battle by 3!

Armitage proceeds with rolling 3 Damage dice, scoring 2.2.5 on his roll. He picks up the 5 and adds +1 for the Knife weapon bonus and +2 for the Critical Hit bonus. His complete score reaches 8 which is enough for the monster to lose its last wound as his heroic stab hits just the right place! Monster now rolls 2D6 on the injury table and is removes as a Major Injury and is removed from the table.

After battle sequence.
For all models removed as Major Injuries the player has to roll dice to see what happens with them.

Major Injury phase
All Major injuries on civilians = D6 1-3 Dead, 4-6 recovers
All Major injuries on Agents = 1 D55

Jenkins Agent= D55 =  21  MULTIPLE INJURIES reroll D3 times on this table!! (1)
Reroll = 12 Agent Dead

Philips (green) 3 = dead
Roberts  (blue) 1= dead
Haag (yellow) 1 = dead

Skill phase

1 survivor (still on the table) may be given a Skill at a cost of +1BP (applies to Armitage)

Treasure hunting
All survivors on table may roll 1D6 to look for map pieces, Armitage is the only survivor, but manages to roll a 6! Finds 1 map piece

Re-Equipment phase
Armitage will most likely want to hire new agents and civilians for the next mission, maybe upgrade himself with better weapons and skills. The map piece may be used to unlock a special agent or a quest scenario

They are dead, all dead. I write this with trembling hands and a great numbness in my leg where the hideous monster managed to score a blow. I cannot begin to describe the horror that we had to face here; I hope I will be able to forget the screams of the men that died here today. Just thinking of the sound produced by the monster tearing Jenkins leg off makes me sick. We did our job, the thing is dead. At least… I hope so.

 / Professor Henry Armitage of the Miskatonic University in Arkham, November 2 – 1920.

I hope the book review, the rundown of the rules and this battle report together have given you a clearer idea of what Strange Aeons is and how if plays. A damn fun game and I would really like to recommend it - especially if you are a Lovecraft nut like me!


  1. Excellent AAR! I've never done any horror gaming, but this looked like a blast. Consider me a new follower!

  2. Nice report Anatoli - you put a lot of work into this. A good finale.


  3. Glad you guys liked it :-)

    There will be more battle reports/after action reports like this one for my various miniature games in the future.
    This was my first proper Strange Aeons game but it is really fun and I look forward to start a regular campaign, a few buddies of mine from the club also picked up interest for this game and will probably order the rulebook at the end of this month.

  4. What I liked about the game is being able to play with a hand full of agents, and similar with the lurkers, and having that handful painted up brings it to life, your painted miniature witch I must say are beautiful painted do just that.
    Don’t for get your sabre and dynamite for the next game.

  5. Nice report Anatoli.
    How long roughly did the game take in real time?
    It seems like it would be quite a quick game once the rules are learned.

    I suppose it helps that there was only one model on the lurker side :-)

    Where did you get your rulebook from?
    I have been looking for UK or European stockists, to try to reduce the postal costs. (I am in the UK)

  6. With me writing at the same time and taking pictures about 1 hour. This game is really fastpaced and you really should be done within 30-60 minutes - at least in the beginning when you play 15Build Points.

    It does speed things up with only one enemy model, no doubt. But still, the game is written in such a way that things happen fast.

    I bought the rulebook directly from UncleMikes in Canada. The P&P was painful,next time I'm going to split the cost with a few buddies who are also getting into this game and are about to order some rulebooks of their own.

    I've heard that some German store carries their range, but the only one I found had applied the P&P cost on top of the models making that place a dud....

  7. Cheers

    I found the German store, (battlefield berlin) but they dont carry the rules :-)

    Looks like its painful P&P then.....

  8. Send a Email to Battle Berlin and they will tell you the real cost of P&P, I just bought the Assorted Undead II and the Winged Nightmare and a oop Reaper wolf man P&P 4.50 Euro, but you need pay bye PP and they have order coming in the next 2 weeks.


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