08 November 2010

Strange Aeons - Formless Thing

If you ever read a Lovecraft novel you might have read about at least one (the man practically overuses this description) indescribable horror, something twisted and shapeless haha

I guess the Formless Thing from Strange Aeons fits into that category. Had to think for a while on how to paint it. It ended up as very pale flesh.

Basecoated Scorched brown, then Bestial Brown washed with Asurmen Blue wash. Tanned Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh , and Bone White. Left some of the cracks very dark on purpose.

Also had to decide how to paint the eyes, pending between yellow, red, green and blue I ended up with blue eyes. Didn't want white eyes as it would be too normal.

The blood is my usual Red Ink + Flesh Wash Ink mix. Applied after Matt Varnishing to keep the sticky fresh look. Painted the monster as if it had just chewed through some animal/Treshold Agent, and also received two Shotgun blasts to the side. I read that some people thought this model was simple and not detailed enough, I enjoyed painting mine however. For me this model is all about painting flesh, if you find that boring or hard then you're going to have a hard time painting this one. I on the other hand like to paint freaky flesh and monsters in general, so I thought those "empty" spaces were perfect for layered highlights to really bring out the look of a pile of fat laying on the ground reaching out after you with its tentacles.

It is also mounted on a 50mm base in case you're wondering about the size.


  1. Now that was some what disturbing...

  2. I agree with your insight that every Lovecraft horror is an indescribable horror. Sort of takes the fun out of it eventually. Anyway the mini was nice and disturbing :D

  3. Great stuff!! I'm using these bases in all my Strange Aeons miniatures too. I preffer them for skirmishing games.

  4. Yeah I've been using those bases for everything since I got into Secrets of the Third Reich. Everything looks much better on those bases, the bases look superior to those sharp edged GW bases which I find very ugly and as they are slightly wider than most other bases they add extra stability especially to metal models - preventing accidents with models falling over.


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