05 November 2010

Strange Aeons - Scrawny Ones

First blister from Strange Aeons, a pack of "Scrawny One's" along with 3 summoning markers.
These little demons have to be summoned by blood sacrifice onto each markers after which they appear - and they may teleport between these markers during their activation. Their special attack is to swallow their victims whole, so if they ever move into base to base contact with someone knocked out they might attempt to swallow them!

Was a long time since I painted resin models so I had to get used to the lightweight material and the different properties of paint absorbtion.

The way to paint them like this goes as follows (all paints are Vallejo unless noted otherwise):

Basecoat the model with black primer.
Mix Imperial Blue and Hexed Lichen 50-50, and paint the entire model.
Wash with GW Leviathan Purple.

Start painting the "textured" skin using your best detail brush available, I used a very small brush - size 0 for from this stage and onwards.

Start picking out the wrinkled skin and textures with pure "Hexed lichen".
Now follows multiple stages of highlightning using the mix of Hexed Lichen, Elf Skintone and Bonewhite.
The first layer should be dominated by the purple color, the following stage should add more Elf Skintone, the last layer should be dominated by Bone White.

The trick painting the skin is beside using a very fine detail brush a good judgmen on wrinkles, either apply the paint by doing repeated touches with the brush in a pattern on the target surfface, trying to get dots or oval shapes, or draw thin lines.

The stomach is painted with Hexed lichen mixed with Blood Red and Dead Flesh mixed together with the highlights being dominated with Dead Flesh in the mix.

Eyes are painted Dead Flesh, make dots using black, then wash them with GW Baal Red. Now make small dots and lines first using Sun Yellow and then Blood Red. Finish them by drawing a black line around the eye to mark the socket.

The summoning tokens are painted with a mix of Stone Grey and Dark Green, washed with GW Thraka Green then drybrushed with Stone Grey. The runes are gently washed with Devlan Mud using a thin brush. The blood splatter is the old GW Inks Red Ink and Flesh Wash mixed 50-50.


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