18 November 2010

Unboxing Lurker at the Treshold

So I received Arkham Horror - Lurker at the Treshold from my other Swedish sponsor Kulturkommissariatet rather unannounced. I was planning on reviewing another game next week but I might try to play Arkham Horror and this latest (actually very latest) expansion for the Arkham Horror series this weekend.

As I'm short on time today I thought I could give you a few unboxing pictures of the content, which will be fully described and reviewed in a couple of days.

I actually learned about this game by chance when I first saw it in a hobby store a like a month or so ago, checked it out to see what sort of new content it had. Looked liked a few new decks of cards and a twist on the gate tokens.

 Out of the small expansions (card based) I only have the "King In Yellow" which I think is a very good expansion. Though I don't quite remember that one having as much new content in the box as "Lurker at the Treshold" has.

So yeah there is the usual boost of generic game components in terms of more cards for all your original Arkham Horror as well as a total of 5 new decks, new gate tokens and something called power tokens - all working along with the new herald "Lurker at the Treshold" which comes with the box. Stay tuned for the review.

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