02 December 2010

2010 Brush Off entries and winners

There was recently a painting competition over at the Lead Adventure Forum in the Strange Aeons section. UncleMike's funded the competition with 3/2/1 blisters of upcoming releases to the top 3 entries. The entries were judged by the staff at UncleMikes today, I thought I would share the entries with you guys (I think this is all of them but not 100% sure as I grabbed all the pictures in the contest thread only).

The requirements for entering the competition was that the model/models had to be part of the Strange Aeons range and the entire blister content had to be included. One could enter the competition with more then 1 entry but only claim one prize.

1st place Anatoli (me) "Scrawny ones"

2nd place Fairoakes024 "Fishmen"

3 a tie between Nick Whittock's "Serpentmen" and Timothy Pray's "Formless Thing"

Remaining entries:

"Blasphemous Construct, Mummu, Conglomerate" by Basement Dweller

"Formless thing" by Blackstone

"Fishmen" by Myincubliss

"Scrawny one's" by Myincubliss

"Werewolf" by Wirelizard

"Serpentmen" by Fairoakes024

Big thanks to UncleMike's for arranging the contest and congrats to the other winners.

Be sure to check out the LeadAdventureForum if you are looking for a fantastic gathering place of alternative minature games. And the Strange Aeons section in particular if you are getting into this game!

To the Strange Aeons subforum: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?board=45.0

To the Lead Adventure Forum: http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php

Link to UncleMike's http://unclemikesworldwide.com/shop

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