26 December 2010

Axis and Allies: Pacific

Played Axis & Allies: Pacific this evening with a friend, I really like this game - I have not played any other A&A games but think this one has great balance and lots of different ways of winning as both sides. There is actually a very well thought and well written review of this game over at BoardGameGeek where a fan really does an in depth analysis of this game and the full potential.

It's completely centered on the pacific region, and it is a 2-3 player game. One player controlling Japan, and 1-2 players controlling India/Australia (UK) and China/US. The only downside is the overwhelming "setup" phase where you have to place units on the board. It takes a loooong time, the first turn is also very long since you will grind through allied regions and armies as Japan creating a vacuum and winning some time before the allies start to pile in on Japan from 3 fronts.

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