01 December 2010

Battles of Westeros part 1: Unboxing [Boardgame review]

This will be the last in depth boardgame review for this year, and for the finale I have "Battles of Westeros". A Fantasy Flight Games take on the "BattleLore" system. I've heard that even though there are traces of BattleLore in this product it still is a game of it's own with differences in combat and contents.

First of all, if you are unfamiliar with G.R.R Martin's book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" it's a very adult fantasy story with similarities to the historical War of the Roses. A huge continent called "Westeros" is split into minor kingdoms ruled by various families of which the despotic house "Lannister" are the current rulers of the realm of Westeros - and house "Stark" which are the righteous good guys who go to war against house Lannister for highly personal reasons throwing the realm into a huge "civil war".

I'll get back to the specifics of the books in part two, but the setting for this game are the battles waged  between house Lannister and house Stark as well as their allies - taken from book nr 2 in the series "A Clash of Kings".

If you haven't read the series I would recommend getting it at least on audiotape so you can listen to the novels while painting, just be warned of the highly graphic and adult content and the authors taste for killing of likable/cool characters to the right and left as the story is progressing.

So, let's move on to the unboxing of this quite heavy (3.4kg!) box of goodies. Starting with what's printed on the box you can see the insane amount of components inside!

Opening the box we instantly see a little note about the miniatures included, advising us to glue the miniature to the base (I will get into that in part 2 as I go through the components in detail).

After lifting out the rulebooks, sheets with counters and gameboard we see the decks of cards, and if we lift the compartments to the side we find our remaining components like the dice and bags of miniatures. The box dimensions are almost identical to most FFG titles like Arkham Horror. Though the Battles of Westeros is a somehwat deeper box.

We get one bag of Lannister troops, one bag of House Stark troops, one bag of heroes for both houses and one bag of bases onto which the miniatures have to be mounted. All bases have a small hole in them so that you can fit bannerpoles into them as well.

The rulebooks, one containing the rules and the other the various missions, and two bags holding the counter sheets and the 6folded board.

A few pictures of the counter sheets and the components placed outside of the  box for you to see the amount of stuff packed into this game.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will guide you through all the components and what they are used for as well as the actual review of the game and details on how it plays in part 3.

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