16 December 2010

Combat Zone plastics - test minis

Alright, the "mysterious" game turned into just being plain "obscure". With the help of people on various forums and here on the blog I've learned a lot more about this game then I thought was possible - the most hilarious thing was that my SoTR supplier DID carry it in stock, but I never noticed it while browsing his store due to the odd category and lack of proper pictures.

The game is available through EM-4 Miniatures (http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/Combat_Zone_products.html),

or if you live in Sweden http://kulturkommissariatet.se/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3880 , 140 SEK is nothing if you think about what you get in the box.

They have an online newsletter with additional information & modelling ideas (http://combatzonechronicles.net/)

Anyways, thanks to everyone for all the info shared on The Miniature Page, Steve Dean and Lead Adventure Forum!

So, with that out of the way - here are the two test minis I intend to use as Fallout Raiders and Gun Runners as they appear in Combat Armor in Fallout 1 & 2.

Gun Runner


Before / After

The "Gun runner" was faster to paint, but I had to repaint his armor since the green armor came out too dark during my first attempt. The "Raider" was more fun to paint, I'll make sure the rest have various degree of dirt on them.

Painting these models made me crave those old Fallout games again, luckily I have the old "Best Buy" deal featuring both F1 and F2. Of course Fallout 1 didn't work on my laptop with Windows 7, there was some sort of color corruption. Though I remember it working just fine on my stationary computer with Windows Vista when I ran it with "Compatibility mode Windows 98". Will try to install it there later today.


  1. These look great, you've done the figs much justice with your painting. I'm not crazy about the gun sculpts, but otherwise I'd say these were solid enough to consider tracking a copy of the game down.

  2. Yeah the guns are the weakest part of these models. It takes some finesse to paint models like these.

    I'll see if I can squeeze in the next 3 "Gun Runners" tomorrow, the 4 models will form one unit. Thinking of doing 6 Raiders after that.

    Can't wait until I can try out the rules though.


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