19 December 2010

Gun Runner unit

First unit of Gun Runners finished, simple paintjob but it will have to do. The biggest flaw with these plastics are the weapons which are very bulky and have poor detail. The rest of the model is actually "OK". Anyway, with this squad done I will paint up 5 more Raiders so I can run a testgame of the Combat Zone rules in the near future.

The shotgun armed Gun Runner has parts from the "Raider" sprue, I just thought the guy with the shotgun needed to look a bit more like a bad MF.

It would be nice to have a civilian Gun Runner trader and a pack Brahmin or two which the Gun Runners in combat armor could escort. Would make a nice little introduction scenario for a Fallout game.


  1. Great! Do you have a civilon model in mind? And how are you going to make the Brahmin?

  2. The Brahmin, I've seen people use toy cows, and just attach a 2nd cow head on the side and and greenstuff it to look as if they are both attached in a natural way.

  3. Thanks Anatoli, I am face palming my self right now for not seeing the obvious when it comes to using two cows.

  4. No problem. I admit I would not have thought of it rightaway myself - I just had the luck of seeing another guy do it. Don't remember if it was on the Lead Adventure Forum or on The Miniature Page though.


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