30 December 2010

Incursion beta testing 30/12

Tried out another batch of scenarios for the Incursion expansion with my buddy Calle.

Like in my previous Beta testing entry I can not tell you any details about the mission content. I can tell you that these 3 missions we played tonight included MI13 commandos and Gracie, and double board scenarios in which the MI13 and Lucky 7th had a joint operation.

I can tell you guys right now however, that the guy writing all the new missions, Peter Bogdasarian, is crazy good in finding ideas for scenarios. Every single scenario is unique, feels fresh and is often filled with cool special rules, twists and you will find a few good laughs in the scenario descriptions. We actually laughed out loud at one mission detail - the Allies had to push a button, and if they got one specific result the German played should start to either sing or hum German patriotic songs - as long and loud as he wanted to. The allied played had to pay 1 action point to shut him up LOL!! Genius :-D

I think there will be scenarios in this expansion for everyone, for those who like playing Lucky 7th, Germans, MI13, people who like to play solo, 2-player games, double board misions, new rules etc.
Something to really look forward too, this will be one really kickass game once the expansion is released. Going from 9/10 to 10/10 for sure.


  1. Incursion looks really good. I just unboxed it the other day and skimmed through the rules but haven't come around to play it yet. Trying my best to get the game-friends together more often but it can be hard at times.

    Expansion sounds nice with some solo so you don't have to relay on other people to enjoy it every time.

    In fact it's all your fault I bought it. :P


  2. The missions in the expansion are as mentioned crazy good, I can't wait to have them in proper book form (think Jim Bailey said something about hardback book with all missions from core+expansion bound together) among other things.

    Beta testing can be a hassle since you have everything in separate PDF files and constantly get new revisions etc.

    But I really think the expansion will boost Incursion a LOT.

  3. Looks like a cracker - cant wait to give them a try myself! Cheers :-)


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