11 December 2010

Journey into Madness - Cultists with torches 1

Two out of four "cultists", actually they are from the West Wind "Brotherhood" blister. I figure eight cultists (4 of these and 4 with crossbows) in total plus one cult leader should do. I'm thinking of using the West Wind "Librarian" miniature as cult leader and paint him up to look like some sort of crazy warlock.

These guys are all painted to have some sort of skin affliction, worshipping elder gods is taxing on your beauty. They come armed with torches, axes and swords. All these weapons are included in the "Strange Aeons" rules and the expansion "Shocking Tales of Madness and Mayhem" so I won't have to use them as "count as" like with the crossbow guys (count as short/long bow).

Just like with the “Rat Freak” these have not yet been matt varnished as I’m still trying to recover from that damn cold. I will post a group picture of all new stuff once varnished again sometime next week.

And I still have to buy new brushes... *sigh*. I usually have a lot of "da Vinci: Kolinsky-Rotmarder 36" brushes ranging from 2, 1, 0 and 2/0 but they are all worn out at the moment. The current champion keeping my painting going is actually one "The Army Painter - Detail Brush" which I bought some month ago just to see how the quality would be. While I do hate the ridiculous and uncomfortable triangle shaped shaft the brush itself is actually quite OK.


  1. Good-looking and *useful* cultists: most look quite 'atemporal' and, with a few conversions of weapons, they could appear in any period between the Wars of Religion and a dystopian future!

  2. Dude, I just love the items you paint. Just off the charts. Keep up the GREAT work.


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