12 December 2010

Journey into Madness - Serpent Cult + Rat Freak

Last two cultists painted today, and I braved the garage to matt varnish some of my recently painted models. I forgot to place one cultist holding a crossbow in the group picture. I have 4 with crossbows and 4 with hand weapons and torches.

The West Wind models may not have the typical "cultist" look ( with the KKK looking head wear ) but I do think they can pass for a secret society of weirdo's dressing up in robes and chanting the night away.

And the Rat Freak, now matt varnished as well. It makes a difference. The Tamiya Clear Varnish I've been using is also doing a great job so far, no fuckups just yet. Army Painter Matt Varnish would get "foggy" in this cold temperature even if the varnishing would only take a few seconds.


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