09 December 2010

Memoir44 online

Days of Wonder has released their boardgame "Memoir44" in a online version for public beta testing. While I do prefer the "single zone" board and leader related/command token related activation of units like in Battles of Westeros this game is still pretty fun.

You have to register on Days of Wonder, then download the game and enter your user name and code. You get 100 credits to play for, a game costs 2-6 credits so you should at least be able to squeeze out 50 free games vs the computer. I think that it said that it didn't cost any credits when playing against a human opponent though.

The difference between Battles of Westeros and Memoir44 are:

A board divided into 3 zones
Cards are used to activate units in one or more zones on the board
6 sided dice
No commanders
Unit stats are fixed

Battles of Westeros-
A board without any zones
8 sided dice
3 variations of each unit type, "light, medium, heavy".
Command tokens generated at random are used to activate units anywhere on the board, leadership command cards are used along with commanders to activate units within commanders zone of influence

Both games use hexbased board, comes with loose terrain tiles and miniatures that are grouped into units. Both games are roughly similar in how the combat plays out, you hit the enemy by rolling the symbol of the unit you are attacking, there is a retreat result and a result which always hit no matter what unit class.
The reason Battles of Westeros utilize a D8 instead of a D6 is that the units in that game come in 3 classes as already mentioned, making  hits towards a "heavy" unit really damn hard. I still wonder how BattleLore compares to those two games. I've heard it has more similarities to Memoir 44 than to Battles of Westeros.

Anyway, I think it would be great if more manufacturers did stuff like this, not necessarily entire games, but a good looking demo which could be tried out to see whether or not you like the game before you buy it.

Check it out through the download link below

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