23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, with Christmas around the corner, writing a "paper" for school and New Year closing, in there won't be much time for the blog.

I will probably update it over the coming week, but not as frequently.

Merry Christmas to all of you who are following and checking in on this blog :-)

Oh, if you are a fan of the Axis & Allies boardgame this might be of interest: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=80893

It's not especially good looking, it has no sound effects or music, but it's Axis and Allies 1941 and a Axis & Allies WW1 version of the boardgame for free! Just download and start it up. You can play against the computer or against human opponents in a network. Pretty sweet if you ask me!
You can set the AI for easy/hard, choose which countries you will play as human, and there is a save/load function (this game takes a few hours to finish)

Screenshot of my WW1 game in progress (comes with a separate map for the Western front in one corner and 3 sections of Africa.

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