07 December 2010

Old commissions part 1 (GW stuff)

Well I'm totally knocked out by a damn cold at the moment. But I thought I could share some pictures from my "Commission work" folder. I have painted hundreds upon hundreds of models for other people over the last few years, not so much since I started my criminology studies though, but I still occasionally take a commission if I find the time and think the models have some sort of painting appeal to me. I often find these projects as a good testing ground for new techniques and trying out new mixes of paint, not because the models aren’t my own but because I often paint one force/gang/platoon in as uniform a painting style as possible even if my painting improves over time to keep the same look about them.

At the start of my "painting career" I was still stuck with GW games such as WH40k and WHFB, had multiple armies myself, one Imperial Guard army of 6000pts and one WHFB Empire army of 5000pts. It was really back in those days when my painting started to improve, I started to learn new techniques and eventually tried out commission painting to earn a few bucks. My clientele was exclusively made up of GW players since I don't recall any other games being played or talked about in Sweden at that time (4-5 years ago before alternative games became an alternative). I had a crazy schedule and painted like a madman, but managed to deliver orders quite fast. The thing with commission painting though is that it will wear you out if you have little or no variation in models. And with games such as WHFB and WH40k you have these units of 10-50 miniatures that have little variation between them (especially in WHFB) and while I enjoyed the cash I became more and more bored with the whole thing. My interest in GW games was also dwindling at that time. Eventually this led to me not taking any more WHFB/WH40k related orders. I didn't really care if that was the majority of by painting clientele, I just had to switch track before I would go nuts or grow too tired of painting miniatures at all.

I started playing other games such as Secrets of the Third Reich which led me into "alternative wargaming" and made me discover hundreds of other games, manufacturers and rulesets outside the GW dominated forums on which I posted all my project pictures.

The pictures below are just a slew of GW related orders I painted up over the years, some are from the beginning of my commission career about 5 years ago, and some are more recent. Should I still be knocked out by my cold tomorrow then I'll share some commission work of "non GW" stuff as well.


  1. You must have painted over 5000 pts worth of Imperial Guard and Eldars for my!
    But they are all gone now. I got a fair amount of money for them but I kind of miss some of them when you post this old pictures.

  2. Heh, yeah :D

    I sometimes wonder about that Empire army I sold to a guy in Staffanstorp myself.


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