08 December 2010

Old commissions part 2 (non GW stuff)

Second batch of pictures, a slice of the commissions not involving any GW models. The benefit of painting these models is that the games they are used for usually have much smaller units/armies than WHFB/WH40k, thus you get a nice variety and don't wear yourself out painting 40 goblins for one single unit or whatever.

Also easier to plan and squeeze in a commission of 5-10-20 models rather than 80 at a time

Still have a damn cold and feel like shit, but I'm putting together a new blog special with some very cool people and projects I've stumbled across on the internet since my last "4 talents from across Europe" special.
Sucks to be knocked out by runny nose and cough when I finally had a few days "free" from my final school project of writing a "paper" over christmas and could be painting instead.

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