18 December 2010

Pictures from gameday at the club 18/12

A bunch of pictures, taken by two different cameras if you wonder about the quality. Was rather nice today, played 1 introduction game to Malifaux with my buddy Calle, and two Strange Aeon demos with other player, including "Widgren" from the Lead Adventure Forum who came down to check out the game and say hi. He also brought his "Twisted Fate Deck" for Strange Aeons, laminated and all - looked great IRL.

I also picked up my Strange Aeons order , so there will be some "monster painting" in the near future.

The pictures show the Malifaux game between my Ressurrectionists and the Neverborn. Really good game, I was shit out of luck most of the time with my "cheat fate" hand, at one time I had 4,4,4,6,3,1 as my starting hand.... didn''t really do me any good that turn. The Flesh Golem managed to get killed, raised again thanks to a 13 of Crows which I had on my hand, get killed AGAIN - and raised for the second time the following turn haha! The fight was a big brawl in the middle, Neverborn high end units like Bad Juju and Mature Nephilim backed up by Lilith fighing my Flesh Golem, Punk Zombie and Sebastian with his canine remains companions. The ground was littered with corpse counters by turn 4 upon which I simply raised one Flesh Golem and then reanimated all corpse counters into zombies! Won the game simply because of my overwhelming numbers and ability to replenish my Flesh Golem casualty. It was also the first proper game my opponent had played so he had not read up on all the unit details. My mission was to get the treasure marker in the middle of the board, and keep my leader (Nicodem) alive. My oppenent had to hold the middle terrain and sabotage one of the buildings on my table edge. The score ended 4-2 in my favor.

The Strange Aeons game pitted the Treshold Agents vs a gang of cultists, their leader and a maniac. That was a really sick game, all the cultists got gunned down, the lone maniac remained. This last model managed to chop his way through civilians, agents and finally kill the Treshold character single handedly! Epic insanity. The mission was "Treasure Hunt", the Treshold agents only managed to find a single scroll - before they got killed.

 The second game was "Monster Attack" one Formless Thing against the Treshold character and two agents. Professor Armitage equipped with dynamite, one agent with .45 and one agent with double barreled Shotgun. Another game that went from almost certain Treshold victory to complete annihilation of the Treshold team. It started out good, with the Formless Thing being beaten down to 1 last wound. Then all hell broke loose and it killed Armitage for starters, and worked its way through the remaining Agents - one of them received a Leg Injury after the game. Armitage and Jenkins with the Shotgun managed to get away with flesh wounds only.

As this was introduction games we saved the extra layer of the Twisted Fate Deck for another day.

 Other games played included Secrets of the Third Reich, Mordheim and WH40k

It has honestly been too long since I played Secrets of the Third Reich myself - will need to play it soon - of course when that happens I'm always torn between my five platoons. I feel tempted to give the US a try again, love the US Jet Ranger unit :-P

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