29 December 2010

Some Secrets of the Third Reich game pics

Played SoTR at a friend’s house, tried out an unconventional "Vampire" platoon made up of Frau Tear vampire character, making all regular troops become "Thralls". And added 3 Vampires in support.

They did not fare well, they fared exceptionally bad, since my opponent had lots of flamethrowers - pretty much the best way to rid yourself of bloodsuckers in this game. So my Uncanny Resilience troops morphed into "unarmored" vs flamethrowers, reducing their Down/Goner chances from 4/6 to 2/4...

And vampire in mist form are usually VERY hard to kill, as it takes medium high explosive + , but flamethrowers affect the mist as well. So almost my entire platoon was BBQ'd, except for one lucky vampire who killed a squad of Drop Troops by himself. But that was still not enough to cash in on the RP invested into that model. Vampire 8RP killed Drop Troops worth 7RP.

Anyway, I just wanted to try out multiple Vampires since we played 70RP which allows you to experiment with units and configurations you never use in regular builds.

Enough of my ranting, here are some pictures (Gretel was used as stand in for Frau Tear).

 My army was:

Frau Tear
Command + Panzerfaust
2x Grenadier squads w LMG teams
2x Panzerschreck teams
1x Sniper team
1x Light mortar team
1x Aufklärer squad
1x HMG team
3x Vampires

Opponent army was

5x Drop Trooper squads, w a mix of all weapons allowed, but everyone but 1 squad had flamers
2x Aufklärer squads
1x Light drop mech w flamer and MG
1x Medium Drop mech w dual flamers and MG

Pictures are taken with my new camera, which shows great potential but I'm still a complete noob with it, so I expect to learn all settings over the coming weeks.


  1. Great pics of some great looking minis. Where do you get those cardstock buildings from? They look like they can be taken apart. Thx.

  2. They are my friends old Mordheim houses, he got them in the Mordheim boxed sets. They have their pro's and con's.

    They are lightweight, easy to store and can be picked a part. On the other hand they are flimsy and can tip over easily from the weight of metal miniatures.

  3. Ah, a Vampire Platoon. Now, see this is where a normal match up is *slighty* flawed for delivering a bigger thematic punch... give and take either way of course.

    Basically I plan to have scenarios for new and veteran players to try out. These scenarios will have assigned platoons or force make ups before hand. This is where the Vampire Platoon, descending on the lone village defending by a rag tag crew of Partisan vampire hunters and MI-13 Commandos, hungry for bloody revenge... well, will shine! By me limiting the flame throwers- just for example, it can make the game more engaging for both sides instead of a one sided flamer spam. It will take some tweaking of course, but I like the premise.

    Maybe you can try it yourself, maybe you have. Thinking up a narrative encounter where one of the players or a mediator acts like the "Game Master", telling the story of the encounter and the forces- leaving the players to figure out how they fit in on the fly!

    I want to make my demo games very narrative and pre-made scenario heavy (as the new players will be short on their own plantoons). This isn't to say there will be no army building, I can't wait for a one-shot match up like that- but I'm sure you can see the possibility of this venture.

    Everyone IS a winner, as they were essential players in the story being told- whichever side claiming the brutal victory.

  4. Yep some of the units are really not working in "regular matchups", a story telling perspective on the game would have suited them much better - like you described it. I've seen SoTR being played in narrative forms a lot, there was a gaming group in Sweden that specialized in it and only played narrative battles. It worked really well and they liked it better than "competitive" play.


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