20 December 2010

Strange Aeons - Fishmen

Received my "Brush Off" prizes today in an envelope from Uncle Mike's. Lots of "to be released" models and some other stuff as well, such as the crazy doctor injecting a corpse with some serum. They'll be painted up within the month, my main concern is the lack of bases, forgot to order more 30mm beveled lip bases, so I'll probably need to resupply sometime after Christmas.

I had enough to base all 4 Fishmen, the Flying Horror and have 3x 30mm bases and 3x 40mm bases left...

Here is one of the new Fishmen, painted up, the second new Fishman will be next together with the two old Fishmen. All models are from Uncle Mike's Strange Aeons range of resin models. I really like how all of the Fishmen look so damn evil haha

Based the Flying Horror on a 40mm base for improved stability, I will paint this model really gruesome and disgusting.


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