21 December 2010

Wolf Raiders - a Battles of Westeros scenario

Played Battles of Westeros with a friend today, the "Wolf Raiders" scenario in which the Lannister forces have a defensive position and have to protect their camp while the Stark forces make a full front assault.

There are a few things in this scenario that add to the already great fun, the Stark player have off table catapult fire aimed at the river crossing where Gregor Clegane and a bunch of Lannister troops have to cross. The rules for these projectiles are brutal, the Stark player places shield markers facedown along the crossing. When the Lannister player enters a river area the catapult projectile is flipped and if the shield marker matches the unit entering this area - then the Stark player rolls 1 die. If successful (die matches unit) the ENTIRE unit is wiped out right away!

The other thing is the barricade set up by house Lannister, random tokens are placed along the wall, the Stark player then rolls 5 dice and removes matching symbols from the wall. Should a piece of wall lack any shield symbols it is destroyed. This is done prior to battle, but is very important as you want to create as big a gap as possible so your Stark troops can enter the enemy camp with ease.  The Stark cavalry have the ability to torch Lannister tents, and the Stark players scores 1VP for every tent burned, and 1VP for every enemy unit destroyed. Lannister player scores 1VP for every tent left intact, and 1VP for every 3 friendly units left in the camp area at the end of battle.

This was an extremely balanced battle which ended 6 - 6, among the highlights were the destruction of Gregor Clegane and his unit as they tried to cross the river - the unit was hit once but I failed to roll a wound. But as they entered the next river area I scored a Red Shield and destroyed him and his unit. This was not a great blow to the Lannisters as they managed to hold the line pretty well for the first two turns. Blocking my attempts to enter their camp, and kicking me out towards the end of turn 2. However the tide turned from turn 3 to the last turn 4 and I managed to destroy the northern flank and captured Kevan Lannister - reducing the enemy command from 3 to 1, and leaving lots of troops up there leaderless meaning my opponent had to rely heavily on Order Tokens generated at the start of each turn. Not the optimal scenario. I never managed to break through with the other half of my army to the south though, the opposition was too strong and the holes in the wall too tight to allow more than 1 unit at a time to attack.

The battle was made a draw thanks to the sally of a Green Lannister unit of spearmen charging my only cavalry unit left in the northern flank, and routing them! Since I had no rally tokens or rally order cards this last unit which could have scored my my 7th VP was left disorganized and useless!

A very good game with slim margins on both sides and great balance in the scenario.


  1. i just played the Lannisters and played horribly and got slaughtered because i was more interested in bring Clegane accross then protecting the palisdade, nevertheless it was great fun and i look forward to playing the Lannister side again. question though, the battle scenario calls for 14 Stark calvary figues but i only have 12. what is up with that?

  2. just check FF forum and got my answer.

  3. Hey could you link to that thread about the missing cavalry?

    I contacted FFG and got some replacement models to for my Stark cavalry around christmas. Thought it was weird that game components were missing as its not their style really. Could it be a typo in the mission book?


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