12 January 2011

Assembling the gang

I realized today that I had not assembled the models I had in mind for the raider gang from the Combat Zone box, so I had to do that - and soon realized why I had stopped after my "Gun Runner" models and the raider test model. I had forgotten how annoying this type of plastic is to clean and trim. You might see something resembling mould lines on the pictures below but in reality I
I've run them over with a knife 50 times already, but with this type of silver plastic this is what you get - weird "mouldline was here" kind of statements on your models. You cannot be sure they are completely clean of all that stuff until you undercoat them.

In any case, this is something I need to finish before I continue with my other projects, I reckon it will take 2 days tops to paint this little 5 man group of models, and the last Raider was much more fun to paint than the soldiers / "Gun Runners". Two models in the group stand out to me with somewhat dynamic/cool poses - I hope they'll be as fun to paint as they look cool to me.

 Once they are all painted I will do a report on the Combat Zone rules.


  1. I like the biker-looking fellow in what appears to be scale mail, can't wait to see these painted up!

  2. That silver plastic nastily reminds me of some old Battletech figures my brother got once, that were made of a sort of vinyl-like plastic that was impossible to clean up, glue or paint (even primer flaked off). I guess you are luckier, if that one painted guy is any indication.


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