08 January 2011

Blood Bowl, Blitzers and Catcher

Schoolwork almost almoooooost finished so I stole some time and painted a few models as I hope to play my first "real" Blood Bowl game the coming weekend.

These will pretty much be my only specialists, rest will be regular linemen until I can get hold of a fitting Ogre model and save up some in game cash to buy that player.

I have to admit I hate painting these models, the style is just so random in the sculpts that it makes my "order" oriented mind grow tired quite fast while applying paint. Lots of spikes and shit all over, weirdo shoulder pads, details that make it hard to paint properly etc - it will be great to be done with this team so I can focus on playing with them and paint other (more fun) stuff.

Once again I have to recommend the PC game (legendary edition contains something like twice the amount of teams). The game is crazy good for a turn based adaptation of a board game. Multiple playing modes in single player and a pretty good multiplayer game as well. Just beware SLOOOOOW players in multiplayer.
On the other hand I met another guy who was as fast as I was and those two games were really fun, 1 win and 1 defeat against an Ogre team with my humans.

But for a guy like me with single play as the main attraction I got to say that the single player campaign mode is awesome as you start to go from tournament to tournament, level up your players (or watch them die or get crippled). Highly recommended game!

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