20 January 2011

Blood Bowl friendly game 20/1

Played a friendly game of Blood Bowl vs my Chaos Dwarf playing buddy this afternoon, so we did not record any stat changes and just played as if the teams were built from scratch. Got away with my second 2-1 victory against the Chaos dwarfs, I was really sloppy with my deployment in 2nd half which allowed for a breach on my flank and led to a hobgoblin passing the ball to another hobgoblin who ran out of reach and then scored a touchdown the following turn.

We discussed the Chaos Dwarfs as a team (for some idiotic reason they are NOT included in the PC game). I think they are a pretty strong team once you get some money to buy more Chaos Dwarfs (they start out with BOTH Tackle and Block which is crazy good - as my poor linemen have to level up twice to get the same skillset!). A second Bull centaur wouldn't be too bad and maybe a Minotaur somewhere down the road. Because even though this team has strong Dwarf players the Hobgoblins are just like human linemen with a lower armor value (7 instead of 8). As such they get a lot of pain coming their way when they get tackled, knocked down, pushed out of the pitch etc. At one point pretty much all Hobgoblins were knocked out and 2 were badly injured. As a human player that is pretty much my tactic, smash the weak ones and outmaneuver the rest hoping to score some touchdowns late in each turn.

So I think that the Chaos Dwarf team need to endure a few games to get some cash income, buy a few more regular Chaos Dwarfs to be able to build that hardass line, use the Bull Centaur for long distance Blitz moves and the Hobgoblins for pure ball handling as they are too frail to be in the thick of it. 2-3 Hobgoblins for a running or passing game should be enough.

As for my own Human team, I'm pretty satisfied with how the team looks at the moment - both in terms of "playing from scratch in a friendly game" and the tournament team setup. It would be great to have an Ogre just to annoy the opposition - problem is the everlasting stupidity of that player and the Loner skill which is a huge drawback.

Enough ranting, here are some game pics, as you can see my friend has started painting up the models since last time, seemed as if he was halfway through + bases, the Bull Centaur base will be chopped at both ends so it'll fit the squares better as well.

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