15 January 2011

Blood Bowl game 15/1

So me and my buddy Calle played our first "real" game of tabletop Blood Bowl this afternoon. I'm pretty pleased as the game is very similar and as much fun as the PC version I've been playing the past 2 weeks.  I think I had the upper edge since my friend had not played the game (on his xbox)  as much as I had and maybe didn't know all the tactics you learn after 20+ games. On top of that his poor Halflings got pretty beat up - I do think we both had a great time nonetheless. No Halfling died at least, 2 will miss the next game, but he earned enough cash to buy 2 more Halfling reserves off the bat.

The game ended 4-0 to the Humans, my Catcher scored 2 Touchdowns (his Movement allowance of 8 is brutal) while a Lineman and a Blitzer scored 1 TD each. One of my Blitzers also managed to inflict 2 casualties thanks to his Block skills (gotta love that). The only player who leveled up was my Catcher though, and the Most Valuable Player during this game was randomized on a player not having any star player points else I would have had at least one more model leveling up.

Gave my Catcher the "Sure hands" skill, since he managed to fail to pick up the ball twice (and failed to Catch it once...). Should make him a tad more reliable.

The Halflings btw, managed to steal 1 reroll from me during 1st half and 3!! rerolls during 2nd half leaving me with only 1 reroll during 2nd half... The Treeman was as much of a hardass as he is in the PC game, stunty and dodge on the Halflings proved to be a great combination making it hard to knock them out. I tried to focus my Blitzers on knocking out opposing players due to the Block skill rending "Both Down" results to my favor.

We both wrote down all results, marked what players did what etc in the crib sheet and I hope we will get a campaign going . Another buddy of mine have a few Blood Bowl teams, there is another Lead Adventure member in my town who has a Blood Bowl team and we might lure some more people down at the club to join in. I might buy an Orc team from my Halfling playing friend as well as he bought something like 6-7 Blood Bowl teams dirt cheap - it is from him I got my Human team btw. Could be fun for variation I guess. Really looking forward to play this game again soon.

My team looks like this btw:

1 Catcher
3 Blitzers
7 Linemen
4 Re-rolls
1 Apothecary
3 Assisting coaches
3 Cheerleaders
(standard Fan Factor of 5)


  1. Nice writeup, I love that pitch!

  2. Thanks, the pitch is from CT Scenery, my buddy ordered it from there sometime before Christmas. Great table - slightly larger than the original BB table which makes the throw template a bit too short. Not that we found any impact on the game (like 1 or 2 squares too short when making the longest pass).

    I'm thinking of building a team "dugout" with all the sections out of balsa and just place it on one edge of the table next time we play.

  3. Love the pictures :) Keep the Blood Bowl posts coming.

  4. Hey, I also love the pitch and I'm not really surprised you gave the Halfling team a good going over!

    You both may want to check out my website though BBTactics.com Sure Hands isn't a skill I would ever take on a Catcher. Halfling teams should also try and take advantage of Inducements which your friend probably doesn't realise.

    There are also some other Swedish coaches who post on my forum, so you might be able to find some more local players.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention that there is an official passing chart that you can use if you are playing on pitches that aren't the standard size.


    You just count the squared horizontally and vertically then look up the range on the chart. You can then use the range ruler just to work out interception attempts. A lot of coaches just use the passing chart instead of the range ruler even when playing on a normal board as well. It saves a lot of arguments when it is hard to tell which side of a range band the players are in.

  6. Thanks for that Coach, will look into the passing chart, I think the only difference is that my friends pitch has 2 squares in the end zone instead of 1. Felt pretty much the same when I played today.

    I just play the same way as I do in the PC game, Sure Hands might be a waste on the Catcher but since I use him for most of my ball handling I really want him to succeed in picking up that ball :-)


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