16 January 2011

Blood Bowl game 16/1

Well what do you know, another buddy of mine borrowed Blood Bowl and a few teams from another friend no longer playing. So he'll start painting up some Chaos Dwarfs - which I got to meet today with my Human team. The Chaos dwarfs are quite good, start out with both Block AND Tackle, makes them very dangerous early on when none of my Humans except blitzers have Block.
The Hobgoblins and the Bull Centaur were used for the fast movement, I managed to bog down the Bull Centaur for most of the game though - except at the end of second half where it managed to leave one tackle zone and make a crazy Blitz against my Catcher who was a few squares from the end zone - pass the Going For It! test and roll a stunned result.

I did however have rather good luck, scoring 3-4 Knocked out Hobgoblins (3 in 1st half, and a total of 4 at the end of the game) including 1 badly injured. I myself ended up with 2 Badly Injured players. Other than that my opponent failed numerous Armor rolls against me while blocking my players which was very fortunate.

One of my Blitzers who had scored 6 Star Player Points and was ready for a level up (scored SPP by scoring badly injured only!) was the one player from my team who died out of his injuries...

My Catcher scored 2 more Touch Downs this game and leveled up to lvl 2 (gave him Sure Feet). One of my Lineman became the most valuable player and also leveled up to lvl1 - I had great luck as he got +1 to Agility.

I rolled pisspoor on my earnings though and only scored 20.000 cash, together with the previous 70.000 which I had earned I invested into a new Blitzers right away.

Anyways, a victory of 2-1 vs the Chaos Dwarfs and not really that bad a beating of my team should still be considered a success imo.

I forgot my camera at home so I had to take pictures with my cellphone....

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