07 January 2011

Fantasy Flight Games customer service!

I have to share this.

As I mentioned earlier I discovered that my Battles of Westeros was missing 2 Stark Cavalry pieces around Christmas while playing a scenario where all cavalry was supposed to be used (the only scenario with that criteria). That was on December 26th. I emailed Fantasy Flight Games customer service on the 27th December get a reply the following day that they would sort it out for me.

The envelope with the 2 missing pieces arrived today, January 7th - and I should add that there is a ton of snow in Sweden and in my neighborhood in particular preventing the postal service to work properly for the past 6 weeks (never had a winter like this one ever before).

So that was crazy fast, checking the envelope I see it was posted on December 30th - 8 days including a weekend!? I've ordered stuff from UK that have taken a month to deliver. Granted this was a small letter but still. Amazing customer service from FFG, I'm not as surprised that I got the missing pieces as I am how damn fast they are working. Special thanks to a guy called Thadd Powell on FFG customer service for taking care of this for me.


  1. Nice post! Glad that you like their service. I believe that treating the customer so politely makes them so comfortable with your services. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep posting.



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