06 January 2011

For filmnerds by filmnerds

This is not a real review just a short description of a project a guy I happen to know did, and in which I and a few other people I know took a small part. Got my "thanks for the help" freebie copy a couple of days ago and have not yet had the time to fully read all texts but if you are a film nerd you will like it.

This is a compilation of "what happened after" texts describing the life of characters after a movie ended. It was a fan project initiated by a guy called Alexander Kandiloros who went to the same screenwriting school as I did - he asked about 50 people if they were interested to contribute with a short (few pages) text describing the existence of a movie character of their own choice. The only criteria was that the character had to be "alive" if possible (cartoon characters don't age) and that it should be in Swedish.

The book is filled with recognizable characters such as Lt Aldo Raine and Hans Landa, Wilson from Cast Away etc. It also features original fan art contributed by artists from around the globe and a short description about the movie the character is from at the end of each text.

It was available at movie festivals here in Sweden and can be bought here http://www.bokfynd.nu/9186283421.html and you can check out the facebook page for more film nerdyness here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boken-Vad-gor-de-nu/165058306860997#!/pages/Boken-Vad-gor-de-nu/165058306860997?v=info

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