03 January 2011

A little January update, Bloodbowl and competitions

Well I'm still writing my damn "paper" for school so I won't be able to return to daily updates for another week/10 days. But of course, my itch to paint is killing me and as my buddy Calle got hold of a pile of Blood Bowl miniatures and ordered a Blood Bowl board from CT scenics I had to jump on this little side project.

I only tried out BB a year ago , once, couldn't focus so I didn't get a good idea of how well the game was working or if it was really fun. However just a few days ago I got Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for PC and have been playing it (human team like the team I will play IRL) - it's crazy good!

So I'm really looking forward to try it out IRL agains my buddy's Halfling team or his human nuns lol!

This is my test model, I don't have an Ogre (yet) so my team will be about 14-15 humans. Will convert one or two with huge gloves to become "catchers". Here's a "Blitzer" for my Altdorf Crusaders. Traded my Sumo Bodyguards for these models so I didn't have to spend any money - which is great.

What else is new-

West Wind is running a new painting competition: "Character".
You can enter with any character from the West Wind range, and it can be painted prior to the competition as well. Each person may submit up to 3 entries. I'm thinking about buying and painting a new character but also entered with Crash Dixon to be on the safe side (as I'm swamped in piled up painting projects thanks to school....). The competition ends in January so hurry up and submit your entry there is a prize for the 1st place.

You can submit your entry in this thread ( you have to register on the forum first ): http://secretsofthethirdreich.com/forums/index.php?topic=2976.0

Uncle Mike's / Strange Aeons is also having a new competition. Design a "Quest" scenario and the best entry will be rewarded with some nice stuff. Keep an eye out on the Lead Adventure forum for more information. http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=25113.0

My own projects then, I have a few models to paint for Combat Zone before I can give you guys a review of the rules. I have a bunch of Strange Aeons miniatures from Uncle Mikes that need some paint - among them some of the "to be released" new stuff I won as during the Brush Off competition in December. And of course at least 11 more models for Blood Bowl. It will be a very busy and hopefully productive January once I'm done with this crap for school :-)

Edit: I almost forgot, this is actually quite awesome. While playing Battles of Westeros around christmas I found that I was missing 2 Stark Cavalry miniatures, I know I have not lost them and this was the only scenario using all cavalry. I contacted Fantasy Flight Games customer service on December 26th and got an answer a few days ago that they would send me the two missing models. For a big corporation I found the service to be very good and quick especially regarding these two tiny components that they will ship all the way to Sweden. Thumbs up for FFG.


  1. Ah, Blood Bowl. I had the first edition as a teenager (with the deluxe "astrogranite" play field) but try finding enough geeks back then to play it regularly :P It came with some pretty terrible plastic orc and human figures that were just barely worth painting. That pointing yelling guy was one of the metal figures I coveted, but those were never available where I lived...

  2. I think I have a few of those plastics you mention - not very good looking but I hope to fix that with a decent paintjob :-)


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