23 January 2011

Live Wire - SoTR forum painting competition entry

Bought this model yesterday with the Secrets of the Third Reich forum painting competition in mind.

This German character "Live Wire" is one of the characters with a bit more back story to her - but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding her. To me she is the only German character that did not "choose" her fate to become evil, as she was leading an expedition the Antarctica while still being human Eli Anselm. Whatever she and her expedition uncovered made everyone but her disappear without trace, Eli Anselm was found by a German rescue team but at this point she had changed into something otherworldly.

Contrary to other German characters like Wolfgang Faust who volunteered to undergo a scientific experiment to become a Werewolf hybrid (Wolf Runner) or Frau Tear who's the vampire matriarch of the German Vampire elite, Eli Anselm - or "Live Wire" is this savage beast that doesn't seem to know the difference between friend or foe. Her body sprouts barbed wire which she uses as whips, and her ingame rules make her roll damage dice against anyone within a 5" radius while she's moving.

In the artwork she's depicted as some kind of patched up Frankenstein’s monster with a body stocking and weird stitched mask covering the facial area, hair and hands being strands of barbed wire. As such I painted her face with "Leatherface" in mind, a flayed face attached to whatever is lurking beneath. The body is painted to look like leathery dead skin tone, damaged by extreme cold. It is also hinted that she might have been replaced / altered by the "Nihl" which in SoTR are the extra terrestrials from whom the Chameleon Sniper technology among other things have been recovered from the Roswell crash in the US.

She comes with a 40mm base, here's a size comparison with ltd ed model Eamon the Vampire and a German Sniper.

So along with US Jet Ranger character "Crash Dixon" shown below she's my entry for this months painting competition.


  1. Report competition that you're participating in to Compete Around the World, an online resource for online painting competitions around the world. Visit www.competearoundtheworld.com for details.

  2. Wow, love the red on Crash's flag. Almost pastel, now that I see it like this I can't imagine it any more "true" red. Wonderful job. How did you achieve it? Adding white to the red or what?

  3. @ Alan, I also repainted Live Wire after I had taken these pictures - she is now in a grey body suit and looks a lot cooler.

    As for the red on the US flag, I used Valleno Scab Red and then thinned down layers of Blood Red. It really "popped" once I applied Matt Varnish (Tamiya Flat Clear spray- it's in the Hobby product review section)

  4. I didn't get any votes if I recall correctly, Mr Castle pretty much swooped all votes, he got mine as well. But that's OK. I won the competition before that with the Werewolf diorama.


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