26 January 2011

Lovecraft mythos collection so far

I was asked for a group picture of my Lovecraft collection a few days ago, I have to admit - when I started out during the fall of last year I did not quite imagine that this "side project" would grow to these proportions.

This is also the first project that really mixes ranges like crazy, there is stuff from EM4, Uncle Mikes, West Wind, CannonFodder and Reaper Miniatures mixed on these pictures. I guess that makes this universe so appealing. You can mix ranges pretty much as you please. A couple of miniatures are used for other games beside Strange Aeons, games like Secrets of the Third Reich and Malifaux.

I expect this collection to grow by a dozen or so models as I still have unpainted stuff in my drawers specifically bought with Strange Aeons gaming in mind. Fellow Strange Aeons gamer "Widgren" is currently working on a VERY cool ice cavern (perfect for a At The Mountains of Madness scenario) so I'm sure this year will be packed with Strange Aeons games.

The pictures have been left untouched in size on purpose:

My current problems are pretty much lack of space to store more miniatures since everything I own is actually used for games I enjoy to play, and really lack of time and opportunity to play all games as much as I would love to.

I'll see if I can be "turned" to start 15mm wargaming as well - I have this crazy urge to start with a FoW: Blitzkrieg Polish army. FoW has been around for a good many years and there are other Polish army lists for the game but I couldn't be bothered before as middle/late war stuff is common enough in 28mm. However being able to field an entire Polish army and playing early war scenarios is just too good for me not to at least try it out. Beside not being interested in the previous FoW releases I admit I loathe the scale. I've tried painting a few 15mm miniatures but I guess I'm too much of a "detail" person to enjoy it.
Anyways, I'll be trying out FoW in Lund this evening, so expect some pictures from that demo tomorrow - and if time permits and there's opportunity for it then I will try to run a small demo of Strange Aeons as well.


  1. Impressive!
    No RAFM -unless this manufacturer is mentioned under a nickname? Searching the various Armorcast ranges one sees here and there very 'lovecraftian' monstruosities.

    FOW? "Dispersion! Ach! Gross Malheur! The bane of many a wargamer -specially if it implies a change of scale.

    Now, to have all these Lovecraftian creatures facing your FIW miniatures... Not a single additional mini needed, all have already their own use and 'niche'. And 'Weird' 18th C. North America is full of potential...
    You replied to a previous comment: "Those vampire scenarios I wrote for French Indian War settings!"
    Excellent - but while only vampires? All 'lovecraftian' creatures were already there -actually they were there long before, not only the Whites, but the Indians: it's in the 'canon', as well as references to Indian cults to some of them. Thus your whole collection of 'abominations' in miniature for Stange Aeons and Journey into Madness can 'moonlight' in FIW games!

  2. Hahahaha, fucking epic :D:D:D love all of it

  3. Great stuff. Makes we want to get back into this type of gaming. Nice collection.

  4. Thanks guys,

    @Green stuff, checked your blog, some amazing painting done there!

  5. Polyps and cultists and shoggoths, oh my! That's a lovely collection of nasties; I'd better roll for sanity...


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