05 January 2011

Old Blood Bowl miniatures

Thought  I could share some pics of the old Blood Bowl miniatures, they are very weird looking and have a very "old school" feeling to them like all GW models. If you can't get hold of them or if they aint your cup of tea then I strongly recommend the Black Scoprion Miniatures Orc and Human team packages.

These pics just show the variety of poses I have in my 12 men metal model team. I also have 4 1st edition ( ? ) plastic miniatures and intended to use them as reserves or regular members of the team but they are larger and bulkier than the metal models so I don't know if that's a good idea...

I think I have 4 doubles. From what I can see I have one obvious thrower, one model had "kicker" written on his metal base but I will not include such a member in my team and will probably use him as my 2nd or 3rd Blitzer. There is also one guy looking like a catcher but without that huge glove. Rest have to be Lineman. The guy on the 1st pic from the right in the second row is what we in Sweden would call "ful-snygg" ugly-good looking, there is something really messed up about his appearance which just makes me laugh and have become somewhat of a favorite.

I've been reading a few guides to human teams and pretty much trained myself in playing them well in the PC game. I also found 2 team builds for human teams lacking an Ogre:

Human Example 1 <--------------I will probably go with this one
3 Blitzers 270,000K
2 Catchers 140,000K
1 Thrower 70,000K
6 Linemen 300,000K
3 Rerolls 150,000K
7 Fan Factor 70,000K
TOTAL 1,000,000

Human Example 2
4 Blitzers 360,000K
2 Catchers 140,000K
1 Thrower 70,000K
5 Lineman 250,000K
2 Rerolls 100,000K
7 Fan Factor 70,000K
TOTAL 1,000,000

You guys also have to check out the damn good looking Blood Bowl table my buddy have, custom made for his Halfling team, but he has already begun painting his second team of human nuns lol!

You can see his board as well as his complete and painted Halfling team here:



  1. You've got a great set of models for your team - I think the older models are still my favourites as they had so much character.

    My advice for a starting team would be :

    4 x Blitzers
    1 x Thrower
    1 x Catcher
    6 x Linemen
    4 x rerolls

    Rerolls are twice as expensive when you buy them after your team has started - so this lineup gives you all the rerolls you'll ever need plus four tough blitzers to do some damage, plus a catcher and thrower and still have enough linemen left to have a spare player. After you get 50K spare, you'd need to get an apothecary to keep your players safe, then you can aim for a 2nd catcher then maybe start saving for that ogre.

  2. Thanks for the tip Darren :-)
    As I'm still new to this game every bit of help I get is greatly appreciated.

  3. Fan Factor doesnt play as much part as it once did in the earlier rule sets so I would agree with Darren for the most part but I would start with two catchers for more scoring options early against Undeveloped teams, They also develope quicker to create headaches for opponents.

  4. Given how "dangerous" passing can be to just running the ball I usually start without any Catchers. They can also hog all your SPP if you do start with them. Take a look at http://bbtactics.com/tv1000-human-starting-roster/ for an article on various starting rosters for a Human Blood Bowl team.

    I would be careful what guides you read as well. Most of the information on the internet is for older versions of the rules. My site is based on the last two rulebooks which introduced a lot of changes.

  5. Thanks for the tips Coach, somehow your entry ended up in the "spam filter" just found out about it.

    I play with 1 catcher in the PC game and after giving him sure hands and with any luck +1 to either AG or MA he is crazy good. I prefer to have one fast son of a gun to score points or be able to retrieve the ball far down the field. So I will include one Catcher in my team for now :-)

  6. Once again... aaah memories :)

    The Halfling team is pretty amazing, though I always thought BB was not really their kind of sport (they're more of a golfing race I think)


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