29 January 2011

Polish Battle Chaplain

This is the Warlord Games "Major Turntadust" (or Major Popiol as in "dust" in Polish), I converted it to look even more like a priest by adding a stole and a beard. And make him look more Polish to blend him into my Polish platoon by chopping off his hat and greenstuffing a Rogatywka cap with a Polish eagle badge.

I have tried to greenstuff the Rogatywka cap before, but it is really hard. It has to be square and peaked, not too hard on the edges but not too soft either. It also needs to be slightly asymmetric with one side being more dominant, and it can't be too thick or else it looks funny. The eagle badge is also damn hard to do on this scale. I made the eagle out of a dot of greenstuff, flattened and shaped by poking at it with a sharp pin.

Rules for Battle Chaplains can be found in the "Doomsday" expansion for Secrets of the Third Reich, he functions just like the command squad medic (and takes his place) but has additional rules for fighting Weird/Occult enemies, armed with a holy relic and raising the "Cool" (leadership value) of the unit he joins by one notch which is really good.

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