24 January 2011

Polish WW2 reinforcements and Live Wire repainted

Don't know how they do it but Warlod Games have been ultra fast with order shipment the past few times I've ordered.

I have waited for these models since around June/July when it was first mentioned at the Warlord forum that the Polish would get new models, the release was pushed, then it seemed as if it was delayed - pictures of the new models could be seen before Christmas on WG but they were not in the store to be bought. Finally the newsletter announcing the release of the models in the store reached my email last week and I ordered them like 3 minutes after reading about it haha. And 1 week later here they are.

Well needed fire support for my Polish platoon, this order is made up of 2 blisters of "Sharpshooters" and the Weird WW2 model "Major Terntadust" which will be used as a Battle Chaplain according to the SoTR expansion "Doomsday" rules  for my Polish platoon.

The blister contents will make up 1 sniper team (2 solo snipers), 2 anti tank teams (1 AT rifle + 1 Rifleman), two models equipped with anti tank rifles, the ones standing, will be used with my Rifle Squads.

The sniper spotters have been given a Bazooka and MG34 and will be used as AT team and "packed LMG". All in all exactly the kind of weapons I needed to boost my platoon!

And here is the first sniper painted up, all the models that are prone were too long to fit on my regular 30mm bases, and I didn't want them to become too vulnerable by placing them on 40mm bases. So I made my own plasticard bases for these 4 models. I had also ordered 3 packs of various "Tufts", I will write about that tomorrow.

 Love painting the Polish troops, especially since the colors I use are quick and easy to apply. I start out by basecoating the entire model with dark brown, paint the uniform with Khemri Brown. Wash the uniform with Devlan Mud, repaint the uniform with watered down Khemri Brown to highlight it. Satchel bags, puches and leather are all painted with dark brown, bestial brown, bestial brown + bone white (60-40). Shoes are Bestial brown washed with devlan mud. I put more time into the base than I did on the model!

 I also repainted the body of Live Wire as the original color just didn't feel OK.


 This week will be packed with cool stuff so stay tuned :-)


  1. Hey

    Good looking bases, are the tufts from armypainter? If they are, here's an advice:

    Commercial companies repack these tufts and sell them in lesser quantites for a increased profit. YOu should try to buy from mininatur, the real company who makes them. You'll get bigger arcs and they're more economical.

    Check out this link to read more about it,


  2. The polish sharpshoote is one of the best models ive seen, also very beuatiful paintjob, love the base. Have a nice day m8

  3. @Ragnar, yes the tufts are "armypainter". I have seen them on antenocitisworkshop as well but thought I would try out a few small packs from Warlord while I was ordering from there anyway.

    @HavoK, thanks :-)
    I myself am super pleased by the Sniper sculpts in particular as well, well worth my wait and great addition to my Polish platoon. Paul at Warlord Games hinted that more Polish stuff will be released next month, there was talk about artillery so I hope there will be some Light AT guns.


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