14 January 2011

Raiders completed

The raider unit is now finished and a test and a write up of the Combat Zone rules will follow shortly. Actually enjoyed painting these last models a little more than the rest. Don't know if that was the sign of relief being done with them, the sculpts being better or just having a good painting day.

I did adapt my painting to these models in the end though, and painted them in a style more fitting these sculpts than I would paint something with more defined details.

Still have a good few models from the Combat Zone box left to paint if I find the rules worth the effort.


  1. Always had a soft spot for those Combat Zone figs. You plan on getting the upgrade sets?

  2. There is one member on the Lead Adventure Forum who had some spare metal upgrade parts left over, might get some from him. Other then that - if the rules prove to be fun I'll have to think through what I really want to do with this game. I really like Fallout and this looks like a good "Fallout" setting, I might get some of the EM4 metal miniatures to expand with and later on start looking into super mutants, ghouls and mutated critters :-)


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