22 January 2011

Strange Aeons game 22/1

Played two games with fellow Lead Adventure Forum member and new Strange Aeons gamer Widgren today down at the Brainwürst "gameday". We would probably have had a few more games if there was less talking and more playing. We managed two games, Widgren who was playing Treshold agents will save his progress for next time as he got some new skills, some loot and some permanent injuries for his gang.

I played "Lurkers" in both scenarios. I failed to bring my newly painted Giant Vermin!...., and my Winged Nightmare suffered the mandatory "newly painted models will die"- Curse.

Here are two short rundowns of our games.

Game 1: "Fight", standard scenario, probably good for a newbie Treshold Gang.

The Treshold Agents were made up of:
Sir Brunnswick II (character)
Lt Henderson (Agent)
Klaus Sanders (Agent)
John "Doe" Dooley (civilian)

Lurkers were made up of a bunch of King in Yellow worshipping cultists and one zombie.
1x Cultist leader with Torch and Cavalry saber
2x Cultist with short bow (crossbow)
3x Cultist with knifes
1x Zombie

The fight takes place at a small crossroads. Agents start out in the open fields while the Lurkers start out in the "outskirts". The Cultist leader uses his Command Skill to push his cult towards the agents who take up position on a dock covered with crates for good cover and line of sight of the approach.
The crossbowmen have a short shootout with the agents, resulting in 1 cultist going facedown from his wounds. More cultists and a zombie approach the docks from the street, managing to sneak up close enough to engage John "Doe" Dooley with the zombie. The zombie kills Dooley and continues towards Sir Brunnswick II, inflicting 1 wound before being downed by gunfire and finished off in close combat.

The agents start gunning down the Cultists in the open, killing everyone but the crossbowmen and the cultist leader. The cult leader goes batshit insane and decides to run across the street to engage the agents with his sabre while being covered by the crossbowmen, the crossbowmen manage to kill Klaus Sanders and make Lt Henderson go facedown. Sir Brunnswick saves the day by killing the cultists with well placed .45 fire.

After action phase:
The surviving agents fail to find any map pieces.

John "Doe" Dooley dies from his wounds.
Klaus Sanders rolls D3 wounds (we ignored death on these roll - instead re-rolling them, treating fully healed as a "no result" and keeping any wounds he was struck with). Klaus Sanders ended up with Haephaphobia (fear of being touched - roll insanity test when in close combat with any enemy) and Chest wound (-1 to constitution).

Game 2: "Retrieve the artefacts"

Resupply phase, the Treshold agency recruits a few replacements.

Sir Brunnswick II, Klaus Sanders and Lt Henderson are joined by Marino Stefanopolis wielding a shotgun and John "Doe" Dooleys younger brother Jacob Dooley.

We bend the rules to squeeze in the Winged Nightmare, according to the mission rules I should have included at least 1 more model than the treshold list. I now included 1 winged nightmare and 4 cultists with crossbows (using short bow rules) = 22 Built Points.

The action takes place in a graveyard, the agents have to dig around the graves for lost artefacts while trying to stay alive. The Treshold list lacks any character with the "Command" skill thus they will only be able to activate single models throughout the game. The Winged Nightmare swoops over the board (impressive 20" charge) and attacks Marino Stefanopolis FAILING to inflict any wound, TAKING one wound instead. Taking another wound from gunfire during the same turn!

My gut feeling was that things would not go down well for my first try with the Winged Nightmare, my die rolls were pure shit to be honest. Winged Nightmare manage to kill off Stefanopolis at the very least. The agents on the other hand manage to search all 4 artefacts and roll to find no less then 4 Scrolls!

Winged Nightmare decides to swoop down on Lt Henderson who goes catatonic from fear, unfortunately I had no more actions to finish him off right away. Taking more wounds from gunfire by agents running around the Winged Nightmare gets a critical miss in close combat allowing Henderson to break free. The Winged Nightmare follows him and he loses his sanity once again but this time becomes Frenzied using his survival instinct to inflict one more wound on the Winged Nightmare - which is finaly brought down by a well placed shot by Sanders, ending the menace and leaving the 4 cultists in the deep end of shit.

Agents swoop in on the Cultist positions, only one cultist can act at any one time, so I do my best to score some kills, first shot from my crossbow inflicts a wound on Sir Brunnswick who quickly halts and lets his fellow agents do the dirty work stabbing the cultist to death with their bowie knifes. Henderson is brought down by a lucky crossbow shot, but the remaining cultists are shot by Brunnswick and Sanders.

After action phase:
Surviving agents fail to find any map pieces (though those lucky SOB's found 4 scrolls!)

Both Stefanopolis and Henderson are Fully Restored lucky as they are.
Jacob Dooley, younger brother of John "Doe" Dooley on the other hand is not so lucky and follows the family tradition of dying.


  1. that threshold player seems to be one daring, strategic, awesome and yet humble guy. I wish him the best of luck..

  2. Wow, the Winged Nightmare really did have lousy luck this time out, did it? Those Cultists are obviously worshiping the wrong evil god(s)...

  3. Exciting!
    Then, for me I prefer tricornes over bowler hats: that very same game could take place in some 'weird' moonlit North America, by FIW times rather than (post)AWI ones...

  4. @ Widgren HAHA! :D , I'm all for you keeping up the Treshold side of things next time we play (especially since I have a ton of Lurker material yet to be tested). And that Winged Nightmare will have better luck next time now that it has been baptized, I remember the Formless Thing having shitty luck the first time as well only to kill everything in sight during the following game :D

    @ Allisin M. , yeah it was insane. I did learn a few things though. The Winged Nightmare has a lot of wounds, and superb speed - it can also snatch players and carry them off the board. BUT the Close Combat bonus is not that high and neither is the damage bonus - so charging the character may not be the best thing to do. This monster is better off picking at Agents and Civilians. The Formless thing is a much more intense adversary but has fewer wounds.

    @ abdul666, thanks for reminding me! I still need to play those vampire scenarios I wrote for French Indian War settings !

  5. "Those vampire scenarios I wrote for French Indian War settings! "
    Excellent - but while only vampires? All 'lovecraftian' creatures were already there -actually they were there long before, not only the Whites, but the Indians: it's ion the 'canon', as well as references to Indian cults to some of them. Thus your whole collection of 'abominations' in miniature for Stange Aeons and Journey into Madness can 'moonlight' in FIW games!


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