18 January 2011

Strange Aeons - Winged Nightmare

Having finished my small sideprojects/distractions such as the Blood Bowl team and the demo units for Battlezone I could return to my painting of Lovecraftian horrors this afternoon. I had saved this Winged Nightmare as a reward for myself once I got back to painting these models as I predicted it would be fun to paint this grotesque abomination (and it was). It's one of Uncle Mike's original resin models and stands quite tall next to my West Wind 25mm investigators which is perfect.

Expect more Strange Aeons and Lovecraft stuff up to the weekend as I plan to try out a few new units and monsters against fellow Strange Aeons gamer and Lead Adventure board member Widgren.

The black pattern on this monster was inspired by painter "einarolofson" as he adorns his monsters with very similar patterns (though his painting is far superior to mine to be honest).

Took a size comparison picture with the Winged Nightmare next to a West Wind arctic explorer and Uncle Mike Formless Thing. It comes with 4 wings but I felt it looked best with only 2 attached.

1 comment:

  1. That really is a nightmare figure.

    How do you know which is front and which is back?



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