23 February 2011

Army Painter "Tufts"

About a month ago I purchased these Army Painter blisters containing grass tufts from Warlord Games, and they have since then become a highly favored material for basing my models with. I've been meaning to get this kind of product for a while, there are other places that sells them but I had never any real reason to place an order for just this piece of basing material until I saw that Warlord Games was selling it as well. Bought it as part of my order, while ordering other stuff.

What you get is what I would call a "sample", and it was really what I was after at this stage since I had no army size projects planned at that time. I bought 3 out of 4 versions, Highland/Winter/Swamp tufts. The producer is "Minotaur" although the distributor is Army painter. Each blister costs £4 and, that might not be that high a price but looking at the content you get a "sample" amount of tufts. There is no way you will base your army with one single blister, especially if you want more than 1 tuft per base.

The size is 6mm which works well for 25-32mm miniatures. And I really recommend these small blisters if you have a gang of skirmish models for Strange Aeons, Warmachine, Legends of the Old West or any other such game that only requires a dozen or so miniatures. You will probably have enough tufts in each blister to base about 20 models properly - the tufts vary in size as well. Some are tiny, others are really big patches that you have to cut in two or more pieces.

The material is easy to work with, easiest way to describe it - static grass on PVA glue kinda thing. The tufts come attached to a plastic sheet and can be removed with ease and should be superglued into place.

Should you however need a larger quantity of tufts, and perhaps in a different scale - I myself will need a ton of tufts to go with 15mm stuff in the near future, then you can get MiniNatur tufts in other scale and larger quantity from AntenocitisWorkshop which is a internet store specialized in miniature basing materials. It goes under the name "Silflor" on the Antenocitis site, and is sold in both small and large packs roughly £5 and £16 depending on the size. I have not tried out the large packs yet as I'm still trying to figure out how I want to base my 15mm WW2 miniatures but supposedly the Antenocitis packs are great. Time will tell when I order my own next month. Judging from the pictures on their site 2-4mm should work best if you are basing 15mm miniatures. 6mm for 25+ mm miniatures.

Link to Warlord Games "tufts"

Link to AntenocitisWorkshop "Silflor"

Here's a pictures of miniatures which have been based with the 6mm "Tufts"


  1. I love the army painter tufts, they can really make the difference when basing. Thanks for the Minotaur tufts link, they look great too, with a ton of variety.

  2. There is a ton of cool stuff on the Antenocitis site, they also sell dirt cheap textured resin bases.

  3. Love the tufts! I've used them extensively on my French infantry and guns.

  4. Which size do you use Indierockclimber? 2 or 4mm tufts?

  5. The army painter tufts are actually just repacked tufts from the silflor range. You are paying big money for essentially rebadged product.

  6. Have you had a chance to compare the Army Painter and Silfour tufts yet? My stash is almost dry and I need to replenish!


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