06 February 2011

Battle against Mech platoon in a radiation zone

Brought my Polish platoon down to the club for another battle against my friend Millmir and his dreaded Soviet Mechovaya platoon which caused me a costly defeat last time I met it with my Poles. This time around I had  reinforced the platoon with 4 additional Anti Tank rifles, a Bazooka team and a Battle Chaplain which should at least give me a fighting chance to bring down some of his mechas.

The mission played was “Search & Recover”, 3 MI-13 soldiers scattered on the table which should be claimed, allowing 1 VP at the end of each turn for any infantry unit standing in base contact with the objective models. One objective was placed in the middle of the table. The remaining two were placed by the players in the opposing deployment zone (and in the least favorable place of course).

The special event during this battle was that the entire sector was a “Radiation Zone”. Radiation zone meant that no radios were working, all vehicle main guns suffer -1 to hit and 1 random unit at the start of each turn suffers radiation sickness (effects are -1 to all die roll except for Cool checks).

RP limit for this battle was 55 points.

Polish “Kosciuszko” Rifle platoon was composed of the following:

Body Armor and Veteran Experience
1x Command squad with Battle Chaplain upgrade
1x Rifle Squad with 1 Piat-D and 1  Anti Tank rifle
1x Rifle Squad with 1 Piat-D and 1  Anti Tank rifle, 1 packed LMG
3x Anti tank rifle teams
1x Bazooka team

-Support options-

1x Cromwell tank with Improved sights and Ablative armor upgrades

Tankette squadron
2x TKS Tankettes with HMG
1x TKS Tankette with Light AT gun, Improved Sights and Jacketed Shells

Soviet Mechovaya 797th Walker Guard platoon consisted of:
Mecha crews Veteran experience, “Samokhin “Elite, Soviet Infantry Green

HQ Medium Mecha, Medium Armor, 2x Medium Rocket launchers, Piloted by Mecha Ace “Samokhin”

Attached to Command mecha: Half team of Soviet Infantry

Light Mecha squadron A
3x Small mechas with Light vehicle armor, 3x Flamethrower and assault pod

Attached to Squadron A: Full team of Soviet Infantry

Light Mecha Squadron B
2x  Small mechas with Light vehicle armor, 2x HMG and assault pod.
1x Small mecha with Very light vehicle armor, HMG and assault pod

Attached to Squadron B: Full team of Soviet Infantry

The battle
Table was made up of a few hard cover terrain pieces, lots of forest pieces and a few fields, roads and crates, a bunker and a trench. The Polish platoon ended up choosing the table edge with the white 2 story administration building in the middle. Soviet side set up along the forest , not being as dependable on having cover as the Polish side due to the large number of vehicles.

Turn 1 Polish Initiative
Radiation strucks one Light Soviet mecha “Skunken”. 
Polish Anti tank rifle on the roof of the administration building goes into overwatch since they have a large field of view down towards where a large number of Soviet mechas are hiding, as the Soviet mechas move out the Anti Tank rifle snipes the radiated mecha “Skunken”  and blows off the assault pod as the mecha dodges from one piece of forest terrain to the other. The mecha pilot keeps his cool and remains inside the vehicle.

Polish tankatte “Raginis” gets the brilliant idea to drive into the administration building and get some solid hulldown and hard cover – firing the HMG through the windows at enemy infantry. Other than that most troops on both sides just slowly make their way towards better cover.

Soviet platoon scores 1 VP

Turn 2 Polish Initiative
Radiation struck a Polish Anti tank rifle team.

The Cromwell  “Pilsudski” lurks a few yards forward so that it gets a good view of the enemy HQ mecha and fires a shot. The radiation penalty and improved sights nullifies each other. The medium AT gun hits the enemy mecha but fails to penetrate the armor, leaving the crew in an awkward position. Indeed the enemy HQ mecha opens fire scores hits but likewise fails to penetrate the front armor of the Cromwell tank.

The real threat however was a small enemy Mecha that managed to maneuver its way around the activated Polish flank last turn and who made a fast sprint around the factory to unleash the flamethrower into the vulnerable lightly armored side of the Cromwell tank. The blast penetrates the armor and kills 2 crewmen, luckily the remaining crew keep their calm and remain inside the vehicle.
Meanwhile the Polish Anti tank rifle team on the administration building roof make an aimed shot towards the already damaged Soviet mecha “Skunken” again, this time they manage to blow the leg straight of making the mecha topple over in the grove, leaving the Pilot to bail out and take cover behind the wreck.

A Polish rifle team on the Cromwell flank sees their chance to blow up the flamethrower mecha and make an assault on it with explosive charges, but fail to penetrate the light rear armor rolling a 1 when 2+ is needed - leaving the Polish commander to curse in frustration! Another enemy mecha makes its way toward the Cromwell tank but fail to do any damage with the flamethrower against the front armor of the tank. The Polish command squad watching the mech assault from the ground floor of the administration building fire their Very Light AT weapons (Webley Sabot pistol and Rifle Grenade) at the mecha, inflicting a damage towards the legs, lowering the speedclass of the enemy mecha from II to I.

Polish and Soviet Platoon scores 1 VP each. 2-1 in favor of the Soviet forces.

Turn 3 Polish Initiative
Same Polish anti tank unit gets struck with Radiation Sickness again.
Things started to look grim with the enemy mechas being on top of the Polish positions pretty much along the entire line. The Polish fire team on the Cromwell tank make another explosive charges run against one of the two enemy Flamethrower mechas, managing to blowing it to hell and escape the blast that follows! That was pure luck, as mechas are very hard to destroy due to their various damage zones (legs/arms/body). Luckily the explosive charges stuck to the body and a roll of 6 on the damage chart was exactly what was needed.

The Soviet HQ mecha retaliates the loss by successfully penetrating the front armor of the Cromwell tank with a well placed rocket, immobilizing the vehicle and making the crew bail out in panic!
On the far right flank of the Polish line a desperate attempt is made to stop the incoming Soviet light mecha “Bävern”, the assault is deemed a suicide run since the assault range doesn’t leave any movement left to run out of the blast area. The Polish soldier carrying the charge is indeed blown to pieces but at least the sacrifice stops the mecha in its place as it becomes Immobilized!
More Soviet mechas move towards the Polish line, light mecha “Grävlingen” mows down 2 Polish soldiers and wounds 2 more with a closeup HMG burst. Polish Anti tank rifles manage to Immobilize the Soviet mecha “Hunden” as well, stemming the tide of soviet armor for the moment.

Soviet and Polish troops claim 1 VP each. 3-2 In favor of the Soviet forces.

Turn 4 Polish Initiative
Radiation sickness struck one of the Soviet infantry units.
Polish Cromwell crew refuse to regroup and keep covering behind their knocked out vehicle.

Soviet mecha “Vargen” flames the Polish tankette “Dabrowski” in the back immobilizing it.
The Polish unit who was hit hard by the Soviet HMG mecha takes a decision of self sacrifice, opting to make a suicide attack – knowingly blowing the remaining wounded men to pieces but with a chance to rid the battle of one more Soviet mecha. Since they are disorganized a “Just Do It” roll is needed, the Polish troops pass this check and the soldier carrying the  squad explosives does his duty. The 3 men are killed outright by the explosion, but the explosion rips the enemy mecha apart as well. Making it a worthy sacrifice!

The last Flamethrower mecha in action still active in the middle of the Polish left flank has to be brought down or else the infantry squads would be in deep trouble next turn. The Piat-D Light AT launcher fails to score a hit against the mecha, leaving the Polish anti-tank team to become the last hope of that flank. The anti tank rifle hits but fails to penetrate! The loader however aims his rifle and scores a perfect hit towards the soft back armor of the mecha, rolls a 6 to penetrate! And rolls a hot on the body chart, then a 6 on the damage chart –somehow managing to blow up the enemy mecha with a single bullet!!  (Both commanders looked at the die results with stupefied amazement for a few seconds before result could sink in).

Soviet and Polish forces each score 1 more VP each. 4-3 in favor of the Soviet forces.

Turn 5 Polish Initiative

Things started to run down to micro management level of units at this point. In order to win the Poles had to seize the center objective. The Soviets had to keep the Polish units off the center objective and the objective in the Polish deployment zone for 2 more turns to win. Most of the Soviet mecha force was knocked out, the Soviet infantry however started to catch up and advanced onwards into positions favorable to allow good view of the objectives – to keep Polish troops from scoring more VP.

The Polish anti tank rifle team on the administration building roof keeps harassing the enemy mechas still at large. Hitting the HMG mecha “Bävern” blowing off the HMG arm, leaving it unarmored and immobile!  The Soviet HQ mecha fires a well placed rocket at the ground floor towards the Polish command squad, managing to bypass the window and hitting the unit square in the face – killing all 5 members of the command in the explosion. The Tankette inside the administration building which was out of reach of the explosion now drives across the floor to the other side. Well positioned it unleashes a salvo of HMG fire at the enemy infantry killing the last few men claiming the Soviet objective.

The remnants of the Polish fire team from the 1st floor of the administration building climbed down, and out of the window, ended up behind a low wall across the street from the middle objective. Small arms fire from the Polish and Soviet infantry is exchanged across the battlefield, scoring a few casualties on both sides.

Polish forces score 1VP. The VP is now 4-4.

Turn 6 Polish Initiative
With the command squad dead, the Polish forces still manage to seize the initiative thanks to the Soviet commander rolling a really bad result on the initiative roll. Allowing the leaderless Polish platoon to make a last push to secure the very fragile plan of capturing the middle objective, keeping their own and keeping the enemy away  from theirs! Lots of things had to go down in the right order for this last push to work.  Every little thing became of great importance at this stage.

Starting out with a suppressing fire action from the immobilized Polish Tankette on the left flank near the factory, the last Soviet infantry who had a chance to claim the Soviet objective was pinned down. They also failed their “Just do it” test and remained just a few yards away from the objective!
The remnants of the Polish fire team came under Rocket fire of the Soviet HQ mecha but the missiles flew wide and they survived the onslaught. The unit dodges across the street and hug the objective. Meanwhile the Soviet infantry opens fire at the Polish unit standing in the open holding the Polish objective, killing 1 soldier but the Polish pass their Cool check and remain in place. Thus ended the battle with a Polish victory.

Polish troops scored their last 2 Victory points and battle results ended 6-4 .

The Soviet platoon was badly beaten up however, many mechas completely destroyed. The Soviet infantry fared a little better but they were not engaged in direct battle until the end of the game. The Polish managed to survive with all their Tankettes, even though 1 ended up Immobilized. The Cromwell while immobilized wasn’t destroyed. The Polish infantry suffered roughly 40% of their men in casualties, of which 6 men were killed due to explosive charges being set of under desperate situations – their sacrifice did help secure the victory however.


  1. SotTR looks really cool. Well played^^ You know I don't get this but I'm trying XD

  2. In case I somehow get drafted, does can anyone tell me how to say "I'm color-blind and thus would make a poor demolitions specialist" in Polish? Thanks!

  3. "Jestem daltonista, i nie moge byc saperem"

    "I'm color blind, and cannot be a sapper"


    Yeah it was a crazy game alright!

  4. lol- thrilling battle. can NOT wait to play this game.


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