20 February 2011

BGGcon vs QuakeCon

A fellow reader asked me to spotlight this article about two game conventions, the BoardGameGeek convention and QuakeCon. Taking into account that a large chunk of my readers live in the US I thought it would be a nice thing - we don't have that many big conventions in Sweden, at least on the level with US and UK in terms of miniature wargaming conventions. We do have Dreamhack which is the world's larges LAN event but other than that nothing big really happens in Sweden.

The text below is a short description of his article, you can read the whole thing by clicking the link. It's interesting to read even if you're not into boardgames or computer games as most of us probably have been to local conventions and will be able to relate to most of it anyway :-)


"One of the most exciting things a gamer can experience is attending a multi-day, national gaming convention. BoardGameGeek.con (BGG.con) and QuakeCon are two of the largest, most entertaining of those conventions in the world. One caters to PC gaming and one caters to board gaming. Both are great events with plenty of interesting similarities as well as differences. Whether you're interested in the comparison or interested in a first timer's experience at BGG.con BGG.con vs QuakeCon is a great read"


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