12 February 2011

Copycat Killer and Grave Spirit

Preparing for tomorrow's game I'm busy painting some new stuff for my Resurrectionist crew.

As always I use West Wind "Gothic Horror" stand in models, pretty much to keep the same scale and look about the whole crew. These are models that I had lying around from before, just being excess models from previous Malifaux and Strange Aeons projects.

The reason why I use West Wind models is simply because they are cheaper. I can get 8 "character" miniatures for the price of 1 original Malifaux character. I love most of the original Malifaux models, but I would never be able to afford a Resurrectionist gang the size of which I currently have if I bought Malifaux models. Would cost me the same amount as if I would buy a large army of miniatures for pretty much any wargame - which is ridicilous and a "no can do" for a student.

The Copycat Killer is one of the "Vampire Children", i cut off the top of his head and replaced it with a top hat from one of the "London Gentlemen" miniatures I had no use for. The pistol is a SoTR soviet pistol that has been trimmed down to look like a flintlock pistol of sorts.
The other new model will be used as a Grave Spirit. Straight out of the blister, from "London civilians" IIRC. Never thought I would have any use for this model but got the idea of painting him like a ghost last night.
 He was basecoated with Astronomicon Grey then washed with a mix of Vallejo Smoke+Matt Medium+a bit of water, darkening him and giving a nice brown shade. Then I painted him with thinned down layers of Astronomicon Grey, Astronomicon Grey+Dead White, Dead White. This was finished with a very watered down wash of Asurmen Blue.

And as you may notice I have fixed the bases on all models previously having "bare" dirt bases by adding the Grass Tufts from Army Painter, the 2nd out of 3 variaties I had purchased when I ordered by Polish Sharpshooters a few weeks ago. I think it really looks like some western "badlands" basing. The only models that only have dirt on their bases are the Mindless zombies.

What I have left is one Rotten Belle, Sybelle (both will be painted today), and I've decided to improve the paintjob on my master Seamus the Mad hatter to better go with the vibrant colors of the Copycat Killer (ironic when you copy the copycat) - and improve the paintjob on Bete Noire a notch.

That would pretty much cover the entire core rulebook Resurrectionist faction except "The Hanged" and "Necropunks" I have models for Necropunks, (abominations from Cryx faction - Warmachine) and may convert a miniature to one "the Hanged" model.

Don't know how much "cool"/"good" stuff the Resurrectionist have in the "Rising Powers" rulebook but I guess I'll find out at the end of the month.


  1. The Resurrectionists get some very interesting new options in the new book, including some with a rather Cthulhu-ish influence, some bad dreams, and Japanese ghosts.

  2. Appreciate the info cheetahmaster!

    I also heard that the structure of the book is more to my liking compared to the core rulebook (no fluff between rules sections.

  3. Yeah you got the introductionary fluff wich is followed by the new rules and a GREATLY expanded Strategy/Scheme chart.
    After that it is fluff between the faction chapters

  4. We played the new stuff last night (downloaded it off some sort of Malifaux internet page where you can find all the errata, pdf downloads, halloween specials etc). Love it!

    I'm going to order the expansion book sometime this or next week. I think I'll do a long overdue review of Malifaux once I get to check out the Rising Powers expansion and make it a double feature.


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