15 February 2011

Early War FoW Polish Army - tokens

Part of my order from Maelstrom Games arrived - still waiting for the Blitzkrieg book though. Anyways these are the Polish tokens and I thought I could show what the Flames of War tokens look like. I've seen FoW tokens before, last time a few weeks ago when I was trying out the game. But I never really took a close look at them.

The box gives you 4x Bailed out, 4x Gone to Ground, 4x Dug in, 2x Ranged in, 2x Reorganizing, 4x Bogged down, 2x At the double and 4x Pinned down tokens. That's  26 tokens in total. Spontaneous reaction about the price, it's neither cheap nor expensive but I have a nagging feeling I will end up needing a few more of each type - not necessarily one more box of tokens, but like one or two more "Dug in" and "Bailed out".

Tokens quality then, looks good to me. They got the Polish eagle right, this is the coat of arms of Poland displayed on the tokens. Compared to some other token sets I find this "cooler" and not just because of the patriotic overtones haha it simply gives a more character to the tokens than just putting a flag on the tokens. The particular color combination will also make them stand out really good from most tables (often green grass where I play my games)..

The tokens themselves are thick transparent plastic, you have the print on the bottom of the token, shielded by the thick plastic surface - and the back of the tokens have a thin piece of felt attached which actually helps the token to stay in place and not slide around when you place if on another surface made out of fabric or static grass. Quite a welcome detail which I had not noticed during the demo I was playing a few weeks back.

Since I'm still waiting at my first batch of models (should be Old Glory/True North Polish cavalry) I took a size comparison picture with some of my Polish 28mm stuff instead. And you know, I can see these tokens being used for other rules than Flames of War with my 28mm Polish army as well. I have a feeling I will use a few of the tokens for my Secrets of the Third Reich games when playing with my Polish platoon. I'm a person who likes when you have stuff which works with various games/rules since it saves money and space.

Speaking of Flames of War, this is the first "big" project I'm doing since I started out with Secrets of the third Reich back in 2008, so it is quite exciting. I'm trying not to be too influenced of what other people find good/bad about the game at this particular point since I want to build my Early War army around my own ideas of what I think is historically appropriate (not necessarily a super good invulnerable army combination of units). Obviously I've read a little about Early War to get a general idea of it, what makes me interested in this part of FoW is the fact that you probably can't powergame with boring tank oriented armies. I much prefer the infantry doing the dirty work. I also get the impression that the playstyle is different from Mid and Late War in that your army need to maneuver your armored vehicles much more and everything fielded lacks good armor but at the same time there is a lack of proper AT elements as well which creates fun playing enviroment.

And I also kinda feel a weird optimism for this project even though I'm aware that painting 15mm infantry will probably give me seizures as I'm a more detail oriented person who will end up painting everything in 4 layers....

A good resource for newbie Flames of War gamers is the What Would Patton Do site, it's mainly about FoW, and the guys running it also make podcasts on a regular basis where they talk about tacitcs and stuff - not so much early war stuff yet, and nothing Polish I'm affraid (in general it feels like the Polish players are waiting for further Battlefront releases - I know I'm waiting for the 7TP tank blisters). The guys are FoW veterans, with literally hundred games under their belt so they probably know what they're talking about. The Early War battle reports though, gives an insight into German panzer tactics at this stage of the war from which you can learn to use and counter them.
The link to the WWPD site: http://www.whatwouldpattondo.net/

 Photo is taken from this excellent site: http://www.ww2incolor.com/


  1. Really looking forward to seeing your Poles! I am actually painting a slew of Polish armor right now, but it's a commission job for a friend of mine. I may try to sneak in a game with them before handing them off though ;)

    If you're new to 15mm, my advice is to keep it simple! It's really easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of troops you need (and the Poles have an exceptionally large number of troops). I know good miniature painters have a hard time backing off of their quality, but for your sanity's sake I urge you to at least consider some shortcuts :)

    The Poles look very interesting. I'm not sure they are going to be a "noob" friendly force- especially the cavalry, but I think once you get past the learning curve they can be very very mean. I would caution you to try to work with your opponent to make balanced games. I think new Pole players could quickly fall victim to a horde of light Panzers, but these are all off the cuff observations.

    Anyhow, enjoy!

  2. I look forward to painting Polish armor the most, loved painting that crazy camo pattern on my 28mm tankettes, the SoTR transport and the two Cromwell tanks.

    Who makes the armor you're painting btw?

    The cavalry is mostly a flavor thing. I won't put much weight on their abilities - and they'll probably be need great timing to wipe some infantry units and great care / protection from enemy armor. I really hope the OG/TN cav looks good IRL, because 30 cavalry cost me a few £ short of the Forged in battle Polish army deal!

  3. I am painting the Flames of War models. Check out http://www.gamodls.com/ for some very affordable (and very nice!) options though.

    The cavalry would make a great support option, especially with the "passed by" (or whatever its called) rule for the Poles where they can arrive from ANY board edge. Very handy!

  4. Yep read about that rule on the internet, think it will be a great part of any battle strategy , what units to bring in as reinforcements. Cavalry being fast would make great artillery killers.


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