24 February 2011

Hasslefree friends part 1

This was a small side project I had not really planned - but as I was browsing the Hasslefree site I found a model who looked very similar to a classmate/buddy of mine - and when I found another model that matched my second classmate I made sure to sweep the Hasslefree range for 2 more models.

So I painted 4 models in total, each one looking like my buddies from school, I checked their Facebook accounts to capture small detail like clothes, tattoos, music taste and stuff that would make it easy to recognize who's who immediately.

I really like the Hasslefree models, very fine sculpts, nice details, realistic proportions. Got the models after 1 week as well which is very fast shipping in my book.

I gave the painted models as gifts to my buddies who couldn't stop laughing at their small avatars, surprisingly well received gifts which brought them much joy and a bit of awe (more so I guess because they don't paint miniatures and can't understand how one paints small stuff like this at all haha).

Anyways, here are the pictures of the first miniature of Hasslefree "GoatBoy" which I painted up to resemble my buddy Gylfi. Him being from Iceland decided the snow on the base - although I joked it was volcano ash. He always have that smug smile on his face, glasses and face matched perfectly, painted his goat suit with a Slipknot logo which took a few tries. Finally I realized the Slipknot logo is made up of 3 triangles which made the final attempt easy enough.

Sadly my long lived Matt Varnish spray from Tamiya caughed its last breath as I was varnishing these models so they are not 100% matt.

The snow is ScenicSnowflakes from "DeluxeMatierials", you can get a bundle of snow products from AntenocitisWorkshop - same place where this stuff comes from as I got that particular "snow" package cheap a few years ago from a guy who was quitting the hobby.


  1. Steders (the original goatboy that the sculpt is based on) will be pleased that he's not alone and that there's another goatboy in the world:


  2. Nice Paintjob on the mini !

    Cheers for painting up my sculpt, yours is the first painted version of it I see on the net so congratulations and a big thank you !

    Mati aka BADSMILE

  3. @Mati
    Really? That's odd - the model being so cool and all :-)


  4. @Mati
    Paul v2 isn't going to like you saying that, Badsmile:


  5. I love Gylfi's model.. Looks so much like him XD


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