07 February 2011

Headless Shakespearean actor

This is one of the two West Wind Gothic Horror "Gollums" miniatures I got for free from my buddy Millmir this weekend. I instantly knew how to paint him, and that it would be a fun model to paint (and it was). Would rate this model among the top 5 coolest model I currently own.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with him, looked through the Malifaux rulebook to see if I could use him for my Resurrestionist crew but couldn't find anything that would match his looks and style. Maybe I'll find something in the "Rising Powers" expansion book when I order it later this month.

The text on the base is from Shakespeare's  Julius Caesar play.


  1. Huh, it's "Entirely Headless Nick". A really neat figure, definitely something different. I lik e the quote, it's not a well-known one but it is oh so very W. Shakespeare...

  2. Thanks :-)

    I have a few models left for what ended up as "Theater troupe" project, and those other models will feature a few more well known quotes :-)


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