28 February 2011

Interesting stuff from our Gameday 26/2 2011

We had another gameday this Saturday down at the club in Lund - we also had a meeting about potential conventions this year like SydCon, RydCon and GothCon.

There is a high chance that there will be a small gang of us, me included, going to GothhCon at the end of April to run Secrets of the Third Reich demos and maybe something else as well. We also started talking about this year’s Secrets of the Third Reich tournament, logistically it worked well last year. But if we end up with more participants we will need to look around for a bigger place to house the event in. It would be cool to have it at SydCon - but that would also depend on whether or not we find the location where that convention will be held this year attractive or not. Last year SydCon was a fractured mess divided between two buildings and several floors taking away that convention feeling and you had to run around quite a bit to check out the events and field stores.

So if you're reading this and are going to attend at GothCon or SydCon this year and have any special wishes regarding demo of miniature wargames beyond Secrets of the Third Reich it would be great to know. Would not be too much trouble bringing with us Strange Aeons for instance.

I picked up a few things at the gameday as well, my Feldherr mini "army" case and some transfers for my Polish 15mm armor. The Feldherr bag I ordered mainly because I needed something small enough to transport my Malifaux stuff and things like my BloodBowl team without having to carry around the large army cases I usually use. The Feldherr bag has 2 sheets and a total of 32 slots. Should be enought for most small scale skirmish games like Malifaux, Legends of the Old West, Strange Aeons and Blood Bowl.

I also had the chance to compare my OldGlory/TrueNorth Polish 15mm infantry to Widgrens Forged In Battle 15mm Poles - and I can safely say that you can mix manufacturers within units if you like. They are pretty much identical. FiB being slightly bulkier but I think it has to do with them having helmets while the infantry I had ordered by accident from OG/TN has field caps.

There were also various "Plastic Soldier Company" boxes down at the club so I took the time to check out the 28, 20 and 15mm versions of the Soviet sprue. Fellow gamer Widgren had also bought some T-34's. The tanks looked very nice. Out of the PSC infantry I would say that the 15mm looked very sharp. The 20 and 28mm didn't look too good though. The details were not that well defined as you would expect from plastics. I think that the Warlord Games plastic WW2 miniatures are slightly better.  The first picture is showing the 15mm Soviet sheet and the other two are showing 28mm.

Our Secrets of the Third Reich demo table, early WIP. Fredrik who's building this table is going to build us a trainyard/industrial complex. So there will be train track - perhaps a wrecked train as well, industrial buildings, Silo's and other cool stuff.. The table is built in such a way that you can use 2 or 3 pieces and it still connects in a symetrical fashion.

One of the members at the club had purchased some kind of fantasy adventure rules called "Ruination" in PDF and had printed me a copy. I have not really had the time to look through the rules yet but there will be a blog entry about these rules in the near future. Now I'm not playing any fantasy adventures  or plan to do so but there were a few interesting things about these rules like various dice depending on what weapon was used and you could always choose between two types of dice (like pick D4 or D6) to hit and to wound. Making hitting an opponent easier with "lower" dice but making the damage roll with the same dice less effective.

Also got to play 2 games of Malifaux against my buddy Calle, I had brought with me my French and Indian stuff but in the end we decided to play Malifaux since he hasn’t had the chance of playing that game more than once before. Calle plays Neverborn but like me uses stand in models. I think his stuff are from Fenryll and Reaper. I know the large monsters are made out of resin. He also have a West Wind killer clown posing as a a “Waldgeist” and GW Nuglings used as “terror tots”. He played with Zoraida as master and it was a very different experience for me, never met that master before but she has some pretty cool and very useful spells. Like one that allows her to look at the top 3 cards of her own or the opponent’s fate deck,  flight 10” as a 0 action and a spell that can take control over enemy models.

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  1. Don't have the manufacturers name in my head but you can buy a lot of various 15mm transfers for WW2 vehicles from kulturkommissariatet.se

    Same goes for the Feldherr bags, they are sold in various sizes but I had only need for the smallest version.


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