01 February 2011

Journey into Madness - Crypt King

Received two miniatures from West Wind's Gothic Horror days a few days ago

Here's the first one - the Mummy, ready to take command of a undead Lurker list, he comes with the "Command" ability making him able to match the Treshold hero when it comes to issuing orders to his minions. I had the chance to train myself in painting Egyptian themed miniatures during a commission last year. I painted his base as if he was standing inside a crypt/tomb, floor littered  with dust, shards of pottery and stones. The base of the models originally has 3 Scarabs sculpted on it as well which I made sure were not covered in sand during the basing.

 Painted the skin quite dark as one would expect from a dried corpse. I also have some large scale resin-terrain pieces representing an Egyptian tomb entrance which will be used for a large scale crypt, hope to build it sometime next month.


  1. Great mummy! His face is really menacing, well-sculpted and a bit more brutish than mummies are generally portrayed.

  2. Yeah I really like this model myself - West Wind does a lot of really cool models for their Gothic Horror range. The problem is often to see exactly how those models look as their pictures are too small and far away to see everything in detail.


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