02 February 2011

Journey into Madness - Occult Librarian

And here's the second model from West Winds Gothic Horror range the "Librarian". Will use him as an Rouge Treshold Character according to the Strange Aeon expansion rules.

I felt that his coat was a bit empty so I tried a rough octypus freehand on his back - once again inspired by the great work of Lead Adventure Forum member "einarolofson".


  1. He certainly looks like the kind of occultist weirdo who would (annoyingly) talk your ear off about it at a party. Whether he has any actual supernatural abilities remains to be seen. The freehand was a good idea, but I think it needs some depth/highlights to make it look more like embroidery or a patch. His face has so much character, and the white robe looks great, but this lets it down a bit.

    Is that Charles Darwin waving his pistol around in the last photo? While he found spiritualists to be ridiculous, I suspect he would have deferred any actual gunplay to Thomas Huxley...
    /biology joke

  2. I know what you mean, I was quite pleased with the coat as it was. But - it nagged me that it would be so "plain" so I kinda forced myself to do the freehand. I might as well paint it over, became frustrated since I didn't have any brushes left with a fine detail tip in good condition enough to make more delicate freehand patterns....

  3. Don't paint it over... just wait, and touch up the coat right away as soon as you buy a new #0 brush :)

  4. Yeah looking at the miniature again, that is probably the most sensible thing to do.


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