22 February 2011

Necropunk 2

Second and last "Necropunk", from the same Warmachine Cryx blister as the previous model.


  1. Nice work. I wouldn't want to run into those guys in a dark alley. Admittedly, I would have done the skulls more of a dirty bone brown colour, but it's a style.

  2. Thanks, yeah the skulls and bones in general look as if they have been boiled clean. Too pristine for a dirty Resurrectionist crew to tell the truth - but I just felt uninspired by these models as I was painting them. I like to have them painted, but wouldn't want to paint more of these.

    The style of Warmachine models is not really my cup of tea. I've painted a few Warjacks and infantry and the quality and style within the range is uneven. Most of all everything feels "thick" when it comes to details.


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