24 February 2011

OldGlory WW2 Polish 15mm

Received part of my OldGlory order. There was a bit of confusion as the package didn't contain what I had expected. Somehow I seem to have ordered a blister of Polish infantry in field caps instead of the Polish cavalry command in field cap.

The Polish cavalry in adrian helmets were out of stock and would be shipped ASAP, the Polish cavalry in field caps blister only contained 9 riders though... and of the same single pose, does not really bother me that much but the picture was showing like 5 different poses.

Anyway after first having emailed OldGlory I picked up the phone - because talking in realtime solves things faster. So I talked with the owner, Andy, and I think I sorted out the problem with the riders of my cavalry blister - he mentioned a replacement. I also fixed so  that I could order the Polish cavalry command (correctly this time ) and it should be attached to the cavalry in adrian helmets and replacement models so that everything is shipped in one package.

As the Polish 15mm stuff is made and packaged in the US it was a fault on their part and not the UK store.

And I would really advice on always trying to call a store if there is something wrong with your order, the problem just gets solved much faster that way.

The miniatures themselves were actually quite good for 15mm. I was worried about the cavalry (the horses actually) the most since someone had said they were tiny. I think the horses look very detailed, and with the rider on top the size when compared to the OldGlory infantry looks very good. The OldGlory infantry is quite good as well - I don't know how they will match up with Forged in Battle which I will order tomorrow, but as I had not planned on buying these models I might still get some use from them by using them as filler or even better - command teams.

There was actually a mixup of blister contents in the Polish infantry blister as well,  though a good one this time. I seem to have received 3 Anti tank rifles by accident. As Forged in Battle Polish infantry doesn't include any anti tank rifles these will come to good use.

Still waiting for mixed bases, FoW Polish Anti tank guns and FoW rulebook - the delay is mostly due to my order containing the Malifaux Rising Powers book as well which was the only item out of stock in that order. Hope to receive that order sometime next week.

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