09 February 2011

One armed Vampire actor waving a prop spyglass

Another miniature from the "Gollums" blister. Painted this one to have a red-grey/pasty skin like a vampire. Eye is also a more yellow than white.

At least I now know what to do with a bunch of odd miniatures I have in my "leftorvers" box - will paint them up as some kind of odd theater troupe  (inspired by last nights game of Baldurs Gate II which I started playing again last week). I actually have one more idea regarding gameplay as well, but need to think more about it to see if it would work at all.

And yeah, they will all have Shakespeare quotes painted on their bases :-)

1 comment:

  1. Pretty neat figure; he looks like he chews scenery more than necks. But I still really like him! These are some really unique figures you're posting.


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